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After having a heavy correction of about 10% per token, Crypto markets are back in the green today. Increasing their grounds day by day to achieve new highs, but lags a part where a person fears to loss his investment.

But Today no one would talk about the problem, we will look at the solution. So starting the Series with Reflex Token.

  • Reflex Cloud Mining 

Reflex token which comes with 1 billion supply offers a way similar to phoneum to mine Rfx tokens on phone for free by just installing their app' Reflex Cloud Mining ' and clicking on mine. A person can get about 0.5 rfx per hour. It has price of mere 0.17 cents but it is free, so why not give it a try and may be worth more in future. We not know.

Just use my code xshkv and get 30 rfx for free.

But it also comes with some problems i wanna talk about, you have to start simulated mining every 3 hours and their is nothing to remember your password you have to enter it again and again.

But being something valued, have a chance against pi, beecoin which are not valued till now

So deserves a try.

If found any mistakes please notify, I would Try to IMPROVE.


This should not be taken as financial advice.


Reflex Cloud Mining App

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Sardar Manavjeet Singh
Sardar Manavjeet Singh

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Crazy for Crypto

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