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In the previous post i had discussed about pros and cons of reflex token, so digging deeper i found something more intersting of some more ways to earn reflex for free. So continuing on the discussion, here We Go.

  • Reflexer - A something like social media platform where we can earn reflex token for publishing, viewing, sharing any of videos, images that is about to bring revolution in social media platform. So why not join it and interact with new people from different ethnicities and share something about our culture or country and get rewarded.                                                                                    Cons of the platform - Some of the major cons of the app are rewarding a mere 0.01 rfx per like, share, view or publish that is not valuable today but may be valuable in the coming future if more and more people use it. There are no financial cons, you will just use some of your data to do so have it.
  • Use the code ec87d290 that will reward both of us with 10 reflex tokens
  • I will update or add something new if found anything more.
  • Please comment if found any mistake, I would be happy to IMPROVE it


And finally this should not be taken as financial advice as no one can ever predict future they can just speculate or analyse to just give aa probability that is always less than one



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Sardar Manavjeet Singh
Sardar Manavjeet Singh

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Crazy for Crypto

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