How to Earn Crypto for Free - Read. Cash


This is a platform that rewards you with bitcoin cash for your writings.

It is quite similar to my post i wrote about topixer that rewards you with reflex

But the problem with topixer was the low earnings. So to have more in your hand, i came across a platform called read. cash which rewards us with bch for having upvotes and tips.

You can upvote and tip your favourite author with bch for their articles , images or videos.

Bitcoin cash was chosen for tipping as ot had considerably low fees as compared to its other fellows.

Here you get an inbuilt bch wallet where you receive tip.

So why not give it a try.

This should not be taken as financial advice.

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Sardar Manavjeet Singh
Sardar Manavjeet Singh

A teenager who wants to be financially independent and encourage people for Crypto. Follow me on Medium -

Crazy for Crypto
Crazy for Crypto

A teen who wants to share his thoughts or information to increase awareness about Crypto Currency

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20% to author / 80% to me.
We pay the tips from our rewards pool.