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By Crackers | Crackers83 | 28 Nov 2020


Hi Folks 

I don't normally promote stuff for other people but today has to exception as I said before I am a die heart gamer and with gaming there is a big community of us like everything you can make some good friends and make enemy's for no reason I have gamed since I was a kid lets just say 30 years but only from the playstation 3 have I come to amount friends from all around the world which really only happened when multiplayer came alive for me . I can remember playing my first multiplayer game which was modern warfare 2 and funnily enough I am still friends with people I gamed with on that . Now times have changed playstation 4 has brought us streaming live from are consoles for everyone to see which brings me to why I am writing this Post as its not my normal kind . So Let get on to why we are here today 2 on my friends are going to live stream on Modern Warfare Warzone for 24 hours for charity now last time they tired they got 150 pound which was brilliant . This they are starting off with a lower target but hope to get much more . 


They are doing this through Macmillan cancer support gaming heroes which is a brilliant idea you setup you own challenges and which game you will play 


One of the main reasons I really want to promote this is because when my mam died of cancer in 2012 Macmillan Cancer support was there for my family to help support them and I think in this hard year of covid a lot of charity's haven't been able to do as many collections as normal so please if you can please support them here

The lads will start streaming from 12pm on Monday 30th November til 12pm 1st of December here is the link for both there twitch pages where they will be streaming from

I will post the total amount they earn on Tuesday afternoon 

Thanks folks 

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