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Bitcoin to 8000 !?

By 10 minutes | cotidiana | 17 Apr 2020

Very good days
I hope everyone is better
without further ado, let's take a look at Bitcoin and see how our friend is acting.

Generally there is an uptrend as we can see in the daily chart.


Here the Bitcoin sits at the near 7200 level, I really hope that we can create a support here that would be great, after this we will probably see a rise towards the 7400 level and then 8000 which is considered almost crucial.

The possibility that we will go into a big bull run exists, and it will be healthy growth and this is also what I think will happen, according to some signs.

If we get closer to the 4-hour mark, we see that we are currently within the range that is fine, the price stabilizes for support to create something nice here at the 7000 level, and will most likely break this resistance line and will move up again.
If it breaks below this level we could see a downtrend but I think this is unlikely .


Right now I expect a bullish movement, and what I would also like to highlight, if we look at the 1 hour chart, we will see that this was really a very nice head and shoulder pattern, as we can see, left shoulder head right shoulder and boom, classic fall , this is quite popular.


Another pattern that I want to show you here is if we draw this very important line, very low support line, then we can see the boom that hit again. It could be said that it is a double bottom shot.

Now in this range position, I hope it won't go down to this support again, anyway we'll see what price levels will be reached.

In conclusion I believe that the 50 SMA line in the daily mark will be our support, and the 200 SMA line will be our object or our target.

Well, this is all for today, we are very attentive to the movements of the market, and as I always say, invest very cautiously and good luck for everyone.

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10 minutes

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