Indie Game Dev Log: 31/03/2020 (Skies From a World Without Airplanes)

Indie Game Dev Log: 31/03/2020 (Skies From a World Without Airplanes)

By Timanious | Coster Graphics | 2 Apr 2020

Just some photo's today,.. I am still working on improving the Enemy Radar Tutorial that I posted about a couple of days ago so no news on that front.

A couple of days ago I couldn't stay inside anymore, walls were coming at me so I had to go outside for a long walk. So I walked to the centre of Delft, the small and normally very crowded city where I live.. 
Of course the Corona virus is a crisis, a lot of people are dying from it and I never wish anything bad to happen to anyone.
But I also realised a couple of things on my walk:
There are pretty much zero airplanes in the sky and there is basically no smog.
Normally there are a lot of airplanes flying the country so the sky is always full of the trails they leave behind and usually it blends with the clouds. We don't really speak of smog in the Netherlands because it is never as extreme as in some other parts of the world, but it is definitely there, normally. 
So what I saw on my walk was the most beautiful and clearest color blue that I've ever seen in the skies around here, and I'm thinking what a great gift that is to the younger generation of people that have never experienced the sky in Holland without airplanes and without the usual thin layer of smog..
I never experienced a period where so many people didn't use their cars for longer than a few days, so I'm really starting to notice the change it has on the air quality and I wonder how many lives we're possibly saving because of that. 

I've also noticed something else.. Normally I'm always a worried that I'm going to get hit by a car when I'm walking trough busy traffic but now I 'only' have to worry about dodging people, which is way less stressful as dodging cars! This left me wondering about all the live's that we're saving because people are dying less in traffic accidents..

Like I said, I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone ever, but I'm hoping that people will think really long and really hard about what we are going to do in the future after the lockdown is over.
Will we continue the traditional way of destroying the environment by driving to work everyday, when maybe we can do most of the work at home or do we take this warning that the Corona virus sends us, about the importance of being able to breath, seriously.

 To future generations that may never see clear blue skies without airplanes and smog again, depending on our choices

Blue skies over Delft during the Corona crisis. March 2020
Delft during the Corona Crisis
Blue skies over Delft during the Corona crisis. March 2020
Blue skies over Delft during the Corona crisis. March 2020

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