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By costanza | costanza | 29 Jun 2020

Both SBET & WIN are coins from the crypto betting sites and that pay out dividends to their token holders. I try to keep close track of these dividends along with the latest news bringing regular reports on them with some insights. News & Dividends

Ever since I got into and their WIN token I have been rather skeptical (See Full Review) and so far it looks like it was not without reason. On Twitter, they made an announcement that there was going to be a "big announcement" which ended up being just another announcement that they are going to be part of the tron4.0 presentation on July 7th. Most investors are not happy at all since the price of WIN systematically has gone down and I can't blame them.


I have been tracking the dividends and they are quite nice but have been suffering from a slow but steady decline. I guess this most likely is due to the fact that the mining scheme for players always becomes less attractive. There is also the massive supply that constantly gets released to the devs and only around 15% of the total supply is staked to receive dividends. Last week there was a promotional event that made it possible for players to earn some WIN which made the dividends go up again but likely will end up as a net negative for token holders as most likely part of the WIN supply was used which inflates the price. The DICE tokens that can be mined by playing the dice games will soon get listed on Poloniex


Right now I'm still liking the fact that has quite a lot of users and some actual poker action going for it. The dividends are good but I have a hard time seeing the price go up as more tokens will just be dumped on the market when the revenue increases. Especially when there is another bull market, the price will likely lag behind. If there somehow is a pump to 82$+ for 1M WIN I might sell some of my holdings.

These were the Dividends last 14 weeks in TRX for staking 1 Million WIN...



21-Day Dividend Moving Average in Dollar For 1 Million WIN...

xxx107.jpg News & Dividends

Contrary to Wink, I do relate much more to the product and token model that is offering (See Reasons I'm Buying SBET) . No such thing as mining schemes that are bound to collapse and the token model is very straightforward with ~98% of the circulating supply being staked. The development continues to move forward at a steady pace and the team seems responsible and fair so far.


I have been cost-averaging myself into the SBET token which runs on the EOS blockchain and have been collecting weekly dividends for 35 weeks by now. With the action in Sports gearing up again, both the Dividends and the number of users is slowly increasing again.


Last week, the dividends saw a +22% increase and the dividends so far this week after half a day are already 0.0066 EOS which is 16% of what was paid out last week over 7 days. I'm always using these signs that there will be a nice increase as buy signals and actually just bought some extra SBET in anticipation of the price to go up a bit more.


The Price of SBET generally sits at around a range where it represents 0.50% to 0.70% weekly dividends. At the current 0.465%, there is still a lot of growth as many leagues are still inactive and in terms of adoption and number of users, it still is quite early. Looking at the price vs the Dollar, there was a dip during the peak of the lockdown period because dividends totally crashed.


I will continue to monitor everything and bring regular reports for those who are interested.


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