Splinterlands | Choas Legion Legendary Summoners Dilemma

By costanza | costanza | 13 May 2022

There are 6 more airdrops that will be released to players that bought packs in Splinterlands the haven't been revealed yet and the design for the Dev team comes with an interesting Dilemma.


Airdrop Dynamics

The reason why the airdrops are in place is to incentivize players the buy packs when they are released and also later down the line. The Legendary Summoners were the last 6 to be released and they tend to be the most powerful and wanted cards in the game. Once an airdrop card has been released, it also being included as a possible card to get from packs that are opened from there on out.


Untamed Legendary Airdrop Summoners

So the Legendary Airdrop Summoners from the Untamed set turned out to be extremely overpowered and are now among the more expensive cards in the game. Llama / Yodin / Kitty nowadays for a single level 1 card range between 280$ and 325$ with all of them having below 1000 Copies available.


The problem with these summoners is that they kind of broke the game as players that have them pretty much got instant wins in matches with higher mana against players who don't own these cards since the power level difference is totally off the chart. In the Brawls, they even implemented a way for guilds to block certain cards with these summoners (at least before the release of Chaos Legion) as the most chosen ones. As a player who doesn't own any of these crazy high-priced cards, the game just became a lot less fun because of the power level difference.

Chaos Legion Legendary Airdrop Summoners Dilemma

With the introduction of Chaos Legion cards and the increase of the player base, the Legendary Untamed Summoners have become a lot less present in the game which for me increased the enjoyment quite a bit. I really fear that the new wave of Legendary Summoners will create a lot of frustration for those with less deep pockets. There is a dilemma for the devs to balance the stats of these new summoners as everyone expects them to be really powerful.

1. Make Them Overpowered & Kill The Fun
The main reason to make the Legendary Summoners overpowered is because that will vastly help to sell out the Chaos Legion Packs. Right now, I would say sales are going rather slow right now and it will take a while for Chaos Legion to fully sell out. A lot of the purchasing power comes from whales who love to play the pay2win aspect and having certain cards that are ridiculously overpowered and expensive pretty much feeds into that. Everyone who bought packs early during the pre-sale paying big money from them with the voucher requirements did so expecting these cards to have similar power to the Untamed Legendary Summoners and they will be disappointed if it didn't turn out to be the case.

The majority of the players I would say will mostly experience frustration facing players that end up having these insta-win summoners if they turn out to be so powerful.

2. Make Them Balanced & Hurt The Economy
If the Legendary summoners are actually unique and balanced providing variation instead of raw power, it will help making the game more enjoyable but it will come at the cost of the economy as whales will be less inclined to but more packs just to get their hands on them and early investors might be disappointed because they didn't get the returns what they hoped for as cards the cards won't go for crazy high prices.


Prediction & Conclusion

If anything so far in Splinterlands, the devs have always prioritized Economy at the cost of Fun & Gameplay in the past and I'm quite sure they will continue to do this with the Legendary Chaos Legion Summoners. With packs selling Slowly and Crypto in general being in a bear market, there is just no way that they are going to make these upcoming cards balanced. Gaming in general is much more acceptant to pay2win these days and not that many players seem to be bothered by it. Personally, for me, it's just a major breaking point and I'm not really looking forward to be matched up in games where I have no chance whatsoever because of 1 card.

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