Received My Visa Card!

Received My Visa Card!

By costanza | costanza | 23 Jul 2020

After ordering my MCO card around 3 months ago, last week it arrived and I'm ready to start using it. Some more insights...

So far I had nothing but good experiences with, their app is very user friendly. I did receive the 50$ free MCO (which I easily was able to sell in the app for BTC) after using a referral link to sign up (Feel free to use my Referral Link to get the same 50$ in case you sign up) and locked 50 MCO before ordering my card. I also managed to earn some good returns in the Crypto Earn part of the app which has been quite an easy and straightforward process (See Passive Crypto Earnings Report). Now that I have received my Card, I'll be able to get 2% cashback (paid in MCO) on pretty much all purchases I make with the card and get free Spotify if I wanted to!

Card Returns Expectation

The basic plastic card  they are offering is fully free gives 1% cashback on all purchases and doesn't require any MCO to be locked up. The metal Ruby card I got myself requires 50 MCO to be locked up and gives 2% cashback + Free Spotify (12.99$ monthly) along with 50$ free MCO for signing up with a referral link. Right now, the 50 MCO needed to get the Metal Ruby Card with all the benefits costs 204$. You don't actually lose this MCO and just need to stake it for at least 6 months. When calculating the benefits on a yearly basis spending 500$ with the card on average monthly it comes down to...


After a year, this all adds up to 325.88$ of benefits from the card while you still have your 50 MCO investment which is just a crazy good deal that is almost too good to be true. I assume they are now investing heavily in order to become one of the biggest crypto players on the market and it seems to be working as they recently increased their total users by 50M in 2 months to over 3 Million.


I guess at some point they will reduce the big sign-up bonus and benefits like Spotify / Netflix as is stated on their website "This offer is launched by independently and there is no partnership between and the merchants in this offer. has the sole discretion to modify this offer at any time."

The price of MCO has been going down (I bought 50 MCO for around 250$ 3 months ago) and in a way they have and incentive to keep the price low as it would be too hard for new customers to get the premium card in case the price would 10x. I don't really see MCO as a token to invest in aside from being able to get the benefits.


The CRO price, on the other hand, has been going up steadily the last 7 months with 350% unlike anything else on Coinmarketcap without any kind of pullback. They now have overtaken Binance BNB in the rankings entering the top10.


Overall, I'm happy to have received my card and I am looking forward to start using it. The platform so far has really been an all-in-one easy crypto solution offering an exchange, a lending platform to earn some passive returns & a way to spend crypto in the real world. I will continue to closely follow this project in order to make sure everything adds up



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