Passive Crypto Earnings June 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

Passive Crypto Earnings June 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

By costanza | costanza | 3 Jul 2020

Like many who are in crypto right now, getting some passive returns on my holding has been something I am trying to grow. I am making these monthly reports to keep close track of everything while providing some insights to those who also might be interested in some of these coins or platforms.


I will only cover mostly passive earnings in these posts not including earnings from blogging, Gaming, Sports Betting & Poker or Affiliates on platforms like Hive |Publish0x | Scorum | Steemit | Uptrennd | Splinterlands | Nitrogensports | ...


Crypto Lending Earnings

Crypto Lending platforms remain somewhat of a double-edged sword as they do involve some risk since you have to trust the platform you are sending your funds to. For this reason, I'm only putting part of my crypto holdings on there and am using all the platforms I can which allows me to both spread the risk while being able to shop for the best returns. It is quite tempting to just put everything on there as the returns they provide do make a big difference. I could opt for DEFI projects but gas fees are really high right now and they also include a risk of smart contracts having exploitable bigs in them from what I understand.

1. BlockFi


I can't say anything bad about BlockFi so far as everything has worked exactly as it should and the site is really clean and user friendly while returns are great. I started out just putting some Ethereum in there but added some more since and also transferred the Litecoin I still had on Coinbase and some BTC I has still sitting in my TenX wallet along with around 85% of the BTC Betting Bankroll/Profit I had sitting in both and Nitrogensport. Blockfi Still pays 6% on BTC, 4.5% on ETH, and 3.8% on LTC on a yearly basis.

BlockFi is also giving a 10$ worth in BTC to everyone that signs up and deposits at least 100$ in Crypto on their interest account when they sign up with a Referral link. Feel free to use mine or the one from a friend that already has a BlockFi account.

BlockFi Passive Earnings
0.04553446 ETH (10.35$)
0.00069600 BTC (6.34$)
0.04073996 LTC (1.68$)

2. Earn


There were some issues with the Wirecard company that provides the pre-paid credit MCO cards from but this had nothing to do with the earn platform which has worked very reliably for me so far. You do have lo lock your funds up to 3 months and agree that they basically can do whatever they want with your funds during that time if you want to earn decent returns. I have locked funds at different times which makes it so that in case my account would get hacked, I will have plenty of time to have things fully frozen. I did put some more of my LINK holdings on as they pay 4% returns on them and are one of the only lending platforms that give a yield on these coins. Overall gets a big thumbs up!

I wrote in my post on Getting the MCO Visa Card that they had a 50$ fee for closing your account which pretty much cancels the 50$ sign-up bonus. This turns out not to be fully accurate as it will only be charged if there are still funds in your wallet. If you want to get an account on and plan to maybe get their MCO Visa Card one day, make sure to use a referral link as you will be able to receive 50$ worth of MCO just like I did. Passive Earnings
9.12284 LINK (44.34$)
1.38000 EOS (3.34$)
6.12000 ICX (2.04$)



I didn't get started on the best note on as my original EOS deposit did not come through and it took 3 weeks and multiple emails for it to be fixed. I made a couple more deposits ever since and never had any issues anymore. I also plan to deposit some 0x (ZRX) I have currently sitting in Binance as they give 5.10% yearly returns on that at the moment. Overall I have nothing to complain about when it comes down to did increase their sign-up bonus from 10$ in BTC to 20$ in BTC for everyone that signs up with a Referral link depositing 100$ or more keeping it in place for at least 30 days. I can confirm this gets paid out after the 30 days have passed as I did receive my 10$ recently paid out in BTC. Passive Earnings
0.00104 BTC (9.48$)
2.23600 EOS (5.41$)
0.01031 DASH (0.69$)


Crypto Dividend Earnings

These are dividends paid from projects that have actual revenue and share it with stakeholders.

1. (WIN)

wink.jpg has been a platform that continues to leave me with a double feeling. On the one side they have a working product with a lot of users and they are making good profit which gets paid out as daily dividends. On the other hand, I'm not so happy with the tokenomics and the supply that eventually will flood into the market which likely will keep the price from going up if the dividends increase or if there is another crypto bull run. I made a Full Review on it recently. Both the price of the WIN token and the dividends in TRX decreased a bit compared to last month and I'm still slightly down on my overall investment in this platform. Passive Earnings
WIN 647.079 TRX (10.85$)
RAKE 34.842 TRX (0.58$)

2. (SBET)


I like but it remains a very high-risk investment as they aren't yet regulated and it remains a question mark if they can keep winning players away from their platform without having to do irrational bet refunds on players trying to 'abuse' them. Things seem to be going up though and their platform works great and leaves all Ethereum based sportsbooks & exchanged behind as transactions are free and almost instant. I recently wrote a post on Reasons I'm Buying SBET and that is exactly what I have been doing. Dividends next Monday are set to reach a new record and the price of SBET is moving up along with them. Passive Earnings
2.6627 EOS (6.44$)
391.64 SBET (1.24$)
0.060678 mBTC (0.55$)
0.0093 USDT (0.009$)



I did pretty much withdraw all my EOS from the REX by now as it only pays 0.15% a year while both and give a 4% and 4.45% yearly appreciation. I also swapped some for SBET which is way higher risk but has increased vs the EOS price giving around 0.40%-0.70% returns on a weekly basis. I still have some EOS left in my main account which I might sell for other coins. I still got a tiny bit of earning from the Resource Exchange.

EOS REX Passive Earnings
0.0743 EOS (0.18$)

4. TENX Rewards


TenX also got hit by the Wirecard issue as it the company that issues their cards in Europe. This probably means cards will be delayed even more on top of the 2+ years since I ordered my card. I'm still holding the TENX tokens I once claimed who distribute earnings from fees in PAY as they are bought back from the market. At this point, I see it as a lost investment and claiming the ~100 PAY tokens that are in a contract would come at a gas cost right now that totally destroys the returns.

TenX Passive Earnings
2.0746 PAY (0.10$)


Crypto Staking Earnings

From what I understand, staking is all about locking up coins getting rewards for it that most of the time comes from inflation.



Purpose (PRPS) will be a project totally unknown to most but something I'm personally quite invested in with some offline money as there is a stability factor to the price. I made a series of posts on it last year (Link) and continue to Hodl waiting for the game to release while regularly collecting the staking rewards. With the high Gas costs, I opted to lock some PRPS the became available for an entire year which instantly paid out 26.64 DUBI (4%) which can always be sold for at least 2.88$ each. A year back when I bought most of my holdings it was priced 2.24$ and it has steadily been going up the way it was designed. This is one of those projects where you pretty much need 100% confidence in the team behind it. I will likely make another post on it once the game is about to get released. In the latest update, it was mentioned that both PRPS and DUBI used to buy in-game items is fully going to get burned which makes me really excited to see what this coin will do once they are ready to launch.

PRPS/DUBI Passive Earnings
26.64 DUBI (76.72$)



I'm not sure why I keep holding on to the little bit of NEO I still have left after riding it up all the way from 7$ back when it was still called Antshares up to 160$ and back down again. The project doesn't seem to have all that much going for it anymore and there probably still are a lot of bag holders who still want to dump in case the price starts to show some signs of life again. I do like Dividends and even though they are not much, every bit does count.

NEO GAS Passive Earnings
0.999744 GAS (1.74$)

3. Tron (TRX) SR Voting


I hardly played any poker on last month as it's rare to have at least 3 active tables these day. My TRX holdings mainly serve as my poker bankroll and I have 12000 TRX stakes which provide some passive earnings from Super Representative votes. I honestly have no clue how they are calculated.

TRON Passive Earnings
94.282 TRX (1.58$)

4. Algorand (ALGO) Staking Rewards


I have a very small holding in Algorand sitting in my Binance account which automatically collects passive returns each month. It's one of those projects with a lot of upside price potential if it somehow turns out to be something that also pays out staking rewards. I'm somewhat of a sucker for those and I guess I prefer betting on different horses instead of trying to pick 1 or 2 winners. Earning Staking Rewards on Binance is as simple as having Coins in your wallet there. They are providing passive returns for a lot of different coins (TOMO | ARK | EOS | ARPA | LIST | THETA | LOOM | KAVA | TEZOS | ATOM | TRON | ALOG | ONE | FET | STRAT | QTUM | KMD | VET | ONT | NEO | TROY | ERD | XLM). Signing up with my Referral Link will also give you a 0.10% cashback on all your trading fees.

Algorand (ALGO) Passive Earnings
4.12196385 ALGO (0.85$)

Airdrops / Rewards

So many ways to earn some passive or semi-passive crypto earnings. These were some of the coins I earned in June this way.

1. Everipedia Airdrop


Binance is very fair when it comes down to airdrops to token holders of projects that eventually get listed. I tend to get nervous when it comes down to token swaps, so I kept my EOS on the Binance exchange for them to handle it for me. Years later this brought about an airdrop for the Everpedie IQ token which got listed (11579 IQ). After doing a little bit of research I opted to sell what I received for BNB which was to only trading pair and swapped that for 96 ALGO (19.74$).

Everpedia(IQ) Airdrop
96 ALGO (19.74$)

2. Coinbase Earn


Coinbase might have quite high fees when it comes down to buying Crypto with a bank deposit, they also provide an quick and easy way to learn and earn some free crypto with their Coinbase earn program. Last month I did both the Compound (9$) and OXT (10$) claims after already having done the Tezos (XTZ) |Dai | EOS | Stellar Lumens (XLM) | Zcahs (ZEC) | Basic Attention Token (BAT) | 0x (ZRX) claims in the past. All these combined add up to nearly 80$ in free crypto. Everyone who creates a Coinbase account is free to do these free claims, creating an account with a referral link also gets you 10$ worth of BTC in case you buy 100$ worth of crypto. These links can also be used to claim the free Coinbase earn crypto for the ones that already have an account... 10$ Free OXT | 10$ Free EOS | 10$ Free XLM

Coinbase Earn
0.03953384 COMP (7.03$)
30.946 OXT (4.69$)

I already made a big step in growing a passive income from crypto compared to the last month but still aim higher and will try to grow these to around 300$-400$ a month over time. 


Please let me know in the comments what your personal favorite ways are to earn passive earnings and feel free to include your Affiliate link!



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