Hive vs Publish0x | 12 Reasons Why Publish0x Works Better For Blogging

Hive vs Publish0x | 12 Reasons Why Publish0x Works Better For Blogging

By costanza | costanza | 7 Jun 2020

To start off, I would like to say that I believe Hive is a great blockchain that works really well. The Splinterlands team has shown how it is possible to run a game flawlessly with instant zero-cost transactions. and other websites that are used as an interface for the Hive Blockchain also work very fast.

However, when it comes down to blogging there is still a lot of progress to be made. Hive doesn't really seem to know what it wants to be. Looking at it as something similar to Reddit where everyone is allowed to post their content with the upvote algorithm doing a great job putting the best on top based on the subjects and communities, it simply doesn't work. Publish0x in this regard is doing a way better job. Here are 12 Reasons why Publish0x works way better for Blogging...

1) Everybody is Equal

Hive works with a system where the more stake you have, the bigger your upvote is. This means you are far better off with 1 vote from a whale than 100 votes from small accounts. Also, when you vote for smaller content creators that have lower payouts, your vote will be worth less because of the non-linear reward curve. This makes it is that you pretty much need to pray to the curation gods or bend your content to what get's upvoted if you want to get anything going blogging wise. If you want to get better curation rewards, you better vote for posts you know will get upvoted later on.
-> On publish0x everyone is equal, they don't have their own token and there is no staking making 1 vote more powerful than the other. This simply creates a much fairer system that tends to put the better more interesting articles that people actually read and enjoy near the top.

2) No Auto-Votes or Bot-Votes

I actually like the Auto-voting mechanic one Hive as it can bring about certain stability. I have always been a big believer that reliable small votes are worth more compared to the occasional whale vote. However, this system comes with a couple major downsides. First, it creates some pressure to make a daily post because 'the guaranteed upvotes are waiting'. It can also work very discouraging because most times the earnings from a post you work on for an hour will be almost exactly the same as a shitpost that is made in under 5 minutes. Upvotes can also be given without actually reading the post which makes it so that most times there is a huge gap between numbers of upvotes on a post and actual views. Steemit used to show how many views each post had but this was removed because most posts barely had any. does still show how many views their videos have...


The top 18 videos barely have 1000 views combined (watching them outside the 3speak website also counts toward views) yet the payouts add up to 423$. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. -> On Publish0x there is no Auto-Voting and you actually have to open a post and browse to the bottom before you are allowed to give out one of your 7 daily votes. There is also a time window of 10 Minutes between upvotes and 24 hours if you want to vote on the same content creator. This just creates a way better environment for people actually reading posts and putting effort in making them.

3) Centralized vs Decentralized

Hive aims to be a self-regulating decentralized system where you can't get censored which is where it differentiates from Publish0x. There you first need to apply before you can get accepted to actually publish content and you can get banned if you offend certain rules. This makes it just way easier to both avoid poor quality content to enter the platform and to get poor content off the platform. When looking at voting and rewards, Publish0x is way more decentralized because you really need a ton of views and votes for your post to stand out while a single vote on Hive often can do this.

4) Sponsored Reward Pool vs Inflation Reward Pool

Hive currently works with a system where the rewards come from inflation which decreases over time. I'm all for the biggest stakeholders getting the most rewards on the platform but for them to get the most out of it, they also need to make content. This content tends to naturally do well because of their stake in the platform but isn't always what the majority voted for an is interested in. -> On Publish0x there is no coin and no staking and the reward pool from what I understand mostly comes from Projects that sponsor their coins getting some really good publicity and exposure in return on it works. I actually started using the Brave browser more, looked into Loopring, and am planning to install the Atomic Wallet and I'm sure many others did. This system simply works better since the earnings actually come from somewhere tangible while there is never a war for power.

5) No 7-day Limit Earnings Window

One of the main things that prevent better content on Hive is the fact that upvotes only count during the 1st 7 days after which 45% is paid out to the content creator and that's it, no more earnings from it afterward. This system highly discourages quality content and encourages shitposting. -> On Publish0x people can also upvote older posts and payouts instantly are added to your account which makes it possible for content creators to continue earning a bit from them. This system much more encourages serious writers making them more willing to put effort into their posts.

6) Anonymous Voting

On Hive you can see who voted for you and for how much, which creates something of a 'Upvote4Upvote' dynamic. It is a normal reflex to give an upvote back because that will increase the chance you will continue getting upvotes from that person. The quality of what people vote for in these cases doesn't really matter nor what the posts are about and if they are actually liked. -> On Publish0x, you can see how much your post has earned, how many views it has, and how many likes but not who voted/tipped you. This naturally creates a better incentive to actually vote for the content you like the most, nothing more nothing less.

7) Easy To Understand vs Overly Complicated

I don't even know where to start on Hive and how overly complicated everything is. Hive Power, Resource Credits, Voting Power, 7-day payout window, Curation Rewards, Hive Backed Dollars, Non-Linear Curation Rewards, Flagging, Token Price Fluctuations, Markdown, Tags, Communities, Proposal System, Witnesses, different websites and interfaces, Reputation System, Dust Threshold, ... And I haven't even gotten started around the Tribe tokens which require multiple accounts to get the most out of them. Trying to understand how everything works even after 3 years still is a challenge, imagine being new to the system trying to figure out how it works also because of the fact that many of it just doesn't make sense. -> Publish0x is very straightforward, 1 website everyone is equal with a fairly easy to understand the voting system and instant payouts.

8) Content About the Platform Itself

I'm not sure who I heard this say first, but "Hive is like a library where all the popular books are about the library itself" is very much on point. The reason for this is because it's the one topic everyone relates to and tends to get the upvotes. I notice for myself also that these are the posts that I'm easy to press the upvote button on. The main problem is that nobody in the real world is interested in these, yet it's almost all they see when browsing the main page on Hive. -> Publish0x doesn't suffer all that much from it. (Ironically this is also a post about the platform. To my defense, I rarely ever make those). A case can be made that publish0x is highly crypto oriented.

9) Quality vs Quantity

A lot of posts are being published on Hive each hour and content discovery is incredibly difficult as is means you literally have to plow through a bunch of garbage to possibly find something that is actually good. Over 200 posts have been made the last 60 minutes on Hive. -> Publish0x has a much higher quality over quantity ratio with only around 10 posts being made in the last hour. This makes it far easier to discover posts that are actually worth reading.

10) Linear Rewards

The curation rewards and the switch to a non-linear structure on Hive is a system that brings about a lot of problems. The original idea of curation reward and a voting window where posts that get more popular over time give higher curation rewards to the ones who upvoted early in the window never really worked. It basically is all about auto-upvotes and posts people know will get more upvotes later on. The non-linear reward curve was introduced to 'Fight Abuse' and conveniently made it so that it became way more attractive to upvote post with higher payouts while punishing the smaller guys making it quite impossible for them to get anything going unless they are in the radar of the 'curation' teams. -> On Publish0x it doesn't matter how much votes a post already has or will get and if you vote early or late which just works way better.

11) Friendly on Readers

As I stated above, nobody in the real world is interested in what is shown on the main page when going to unless they want to read about Hive. The idea of making an account just to read also doesn't earn anything unless you buy a bunch of Hive, power it up and start curating which basically gives half to the writers who will most likely dump that Hive causing downward pressure on your investment. -> Publish0x also rewards readers for their attention since they are given equal upvote rights and can choose how much goes to them and how much to the one who created the post when they upvote. The general content quality is also way more interesting which makes the platform very reader-friendly. All this without the need to invest or lock tokens.

12) Publish0x Feels Fair and Real

There is a lot more to earn with Hive but the system oftentimes simply doesn't feel fair. The payouts compared to the actual content and views is often way off and most posts seem to have a reversed incentive making them feel more fake. They start from 'I need to make a post to earn' and go to 'what can I write about today to get the upvotes' preferably in a way that doesn't cost much effort. The content creators that go from 'I have a passion for a certain subject I like to write about' to 'how can this help me connect to likeminded people while possibly earning a bit' are just very rare. -> On publish0x you can only post when you are accepted and payouts are simply not worth the effort to try and milk the system or pretend in a way to get higher payouts.


Hive Conclusion
I've been on Hive/Steem for nearly 3 years now and I really enjoy the process of writing and having a personal blog (I still do). Currently, the only thing I can really get behind anymore on the platform is the Splinterlands game which remains very enjoyable. Most people I relate to who used to also make posts are gone because they basically have a similar view on things (They still play Splinterlands). Of course, this is mostly based on what I want to be, (A crypto Reddit with content that interests me and real communities to connect with). I personally see the reward pool as the root of all problems and rather see this become more a proof-of-stake chain with resource credits as the main token value where stakeholders get rewarded. Blogging certainly has a place but the entire system really needs a drastic redesign because it all makes very little sense right now.

Publish0x Conclusion
When it comes down to blogging, finding some interesting posts to read/learn from, and having interactions, Publish0x has simply been superior in pretty much every way. The fact that payouts on average are a lot lower with the highest trending post currently sitting at 2.08$ (It's the post from the Splinterlands team who also started promoting the game there Link) makes it so that it's not all about the money but more about blogging and content itself. There is a lot Hive can learn from this platform since it managed to fix many of the ongoing existing issues. For everyone that wants to try it out check


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