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Cosmos highly anticipated Interchain Security roadmap released

By Cosmonauta | Cosmonaut | 11 Aug 2022

Today Informal systems ( @informalinc) announced Interchain Security road map as well as v0.1 pre-release. As version numbering indicates it's really very early, so as they also add they will make lots of tests and audit till it got released as a working product.

Here is the roadmap from their announcement:

interchain security roadmap

There will be also an incentivized testnet (probably only for developers) around November 2022. So if everything goes as planned in the early days of 2023 we will see ICS, and probably soon after it's implementation by new chains. ICS will make it easier for jump start their network by making it easier to implement security.

Will ICS bring that "value accrual" to $ATOM after longly discussed proposal 69? We don't know yet of course, one thing I am sure, Cosmos hub will be one of the hottest topic in cryptosphere soon (if it's not already 😏). 

For those who don't have any idea about what is interchain security, here is a brief description;

Interchain Security has been referred to in many different ways: Shared Security, Cross Chain Validation, Cross Chain Collateralization, Shared Staking. This document will restrict use to the following three terms:

  • Shared Security
    • Shared security is a family of technologies that include optimistic rollups, zk-rollups, sharding and interchain security.
  • Interchain Security
    • Interchain Security is the Cosmos specific category of Shared Security that uses IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication).
  • Cross Chain Validation
    • Cross Chain Validation is the specific IBC level protocol that enables Interchain Security.

While there are many ways that Interchain Security could take place, this document will focus on one instance of Interchain Security that has particularly valuable attributes for the ATOM token and the Cosmos Hub. The resulting technology may be applied to other scenarios with little to no modification, but I will leave those out for now (or only dedicate a small section) since the current priority is to implement this feature for the Cosmos Hub.

At a very high level, Interchain Security is the ability for staking tokens that have been delegated to validators on a Provider Chain to inform the composition of a validator set on a Consumer Chain. Inter-Blockchain Communication is utilized to relay updates of validator stake delegations from the Provider Chain to the Consumer Chain so that the Consumer Chain will have an up-to-date model of which validators can produce blocks on the Consumer Chain. The inclusion of Provider Chain validators can be mandatory or opt-in depending on the requirements of the Consumer Chain. The Provider Chain will honor any proof of validator misbehavior produced by the Consumer Chain as evidence that results in slashing the stake of misbehaving validators on the Provider Chain. In this way the security gained from the value of the stake locked on the Provider Chain will be shared with the Consumer Chain.

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