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Streaming on a blockchain platform can be a tricky thing from a technical point of view. Blockchains are designed for recording sets of data, not streaming information. Dtube uses IPFS to host its video files and that platform also wasn’t designed for streaming. It was designed to hold and deliver files, not to have data streamed to it as it’s also delivering that data.

However, I think there is a solution to streaming on Dtube. The upcoming new version of Dtube will include a number of interesting new features, such as its own Dtube token which will allow videos and creators to earn more cryptocurrency into addition to Steem. One of the interesting upcoming features is the ability to embed a YouTube video directly into Dtube, so that people have the option of either uploading their videos to Dtube using IPFS or putting them on YouTube and then embedding them in Dtube, so that people can watch them on Dtube just like any other Dtube video.

Not only does this make it easier for people to share their videos to multiple platforms, it also will improve the performances of the videos and remove the reliance on IPFS, which also means people will remain in full control of their own videos and their videos will stay on the Dtube platform for as long as they would like.

Because of the ability to embed YouTube videos into Dtube, this should also mean the ability to embed YouTube streams into Dtube, essentially giving Dtube the ability to host live streams. A person could create a stream on YouTube and aim it at a Dtube audience and if anyone else from YouTube decides to watch it too, that would be great. In fact, it could even help to bring more people to the Dtube platform and the Steem blockchain.

Dtube could help this process by adding some way to be able to sort by live videos making the streams easier to find.

These new developments from Dtube could bring many interesting things both to Dtube and Steem as a whole and it can really help them to extend the features they offer to users.

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