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CAIT Update, LP Rewards, Twitch Streams, Uplift, Metal War Game, Alcor OTC, NFT DROP! | 6-6-21

This past week has been a bit slower for the CAIT team but we do have a couple of interesting things to share with the community including our new plot along with the massive success of Metal War Game and an update to the LP Rewards program. 

So this week CAIT purchased a land plot on the's Londom Survival Minecraft server. The location of the plot is 50,50 and we plan on creating a trading center for users on the server to be able to trade for goods that they need to build up their plots as being survival and being land-based, creators only have access to what is in their plot/s. So far we have built up a mini-cabin along with a barn for storing livestock and a sizable farm. If you want to watch us develop the plot be sure to follow us on Twitch for when we go live again! We had our first Twitch Stream on Friday night and we gave away around 1,000 WAX worth of NFTs.! We plan on continuing this as often as we possibly can. It was a fun way to communicate with the community and so Twitch will be another platform that we will look to grow on. 

The new NFT game, Metal War Game has seen a significant boost in the value of their miners in the last 2 weeks reaching almost a 10x increase in value over that time. CAIT initially purchased "Wolf" units for 110-125 WAX each, and they are now selling on the market for over 1200 WAX. Our current loadout is 6 "wolf" units, 1 "ant" unit and 4 "Hamster" miners.  CAIT also currently holds LP Positions on 4 of the 6 metalwarmint tokens. 

WAX/MWM 4.04%
WAX/SHW 23.80%
WAX/SHA 14.85%
WAX/SHS 20.69%

We expect this to be one of the premier projects on WAX moving forward. Right now it is a simple mining/raiding game where every hour you send your units on mini-missions and they collect Shards, but the shards are also tokenized (SHW, SHA, SHS, SHE, SHH) The game has been receiving almost daily updates and UI improvements and we can really see this one taking off, and continuing what it has already done. This may be one of the first "real" games on WAX. Right now the competition is heating up. Always do your own research. 

And now for LP Rewards, as most of you know last week we ended the BLUXCAI pool and added DUSTCAI with a starting APY of over 2000%.. Last week the 3 supported pools, WAXCAIT, TLMCAIT and DUSTCAI had a shared rewards pool of 80,000 CAIT, with WAXCAIT rewards representing 68.75% of total rewards, TLMCAIT at 12.5% and DUSTCAI at 18.75%. 

We have decided to cap the weekly LP rewards at 100,000 CAIT, but we will not be adding anything to the 80,000 CAIT to the pool. It seems like we have reached our equilibrium point between LP Providers and LP Rewards

DUSTCAI will stay the same at 18.75% of total rewards, 15,000 CAIT. This week ended at 103.76% APY after an increase in the liquidity of 428% in the last 7 days. TLMCAIT is unchanged as well, 12.5% of the total reward pool. 10,000 CAIT. This week ended at 108.36% after an increase in liquidity of 13.45%. WAXCAIT stays at 68.75% of the pool or 55,000 CAIT. The pool ended the week at 125.23% APY with a decrease of liquidity of 4.29%. 

We are now at 75.65% of the circulating supply held in Alcor. This includes the 1.1 Million CAIT that are available on Alcor OTC. 

CAIT is on now and we have scaling bonuses from our buy-from-reserve rate of 22.5 at 10k WAX all the way up to sell-to-reserve rate of 25-1 at 100k WAX. We are testing this out right now, so only the first three are up there for now.

10k WAX gets you 225,000 CAIT
15k WAX gets you 339,500 CAIT
25k WAX gets you 572.900 CAIT

This is also in line with an announcement that our final tokenomics contract is now live.

Sending CAIT to caittokenwax will now sell CAIT back to reserve at the reserve rate of 25-1.
This combined with the buy-from-reserve rate set at 22.5 CAIT to 1 WAX now guarantees that if the price ever falls below .04 WAX on Alcor, users will be able to arbitrage that back up to .04 because then there would be extra room between the market price and the sell-to-reserve price.

Effectively if the price of the token is at .039 WAX on market, the incentive is to get the token price back up to .04 WAX because there is a profit to be made to bring the price back up with the contract now live.

AH NFT Sale:

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