Another First on WAX For CAIT. First WAX Chain FAUCET! Come Claim Free CAIT!


84a6c71a80dec48ce3e8e87b2a0f0b03f33b3205e8bcf816f7cbda2e022a7b51.pngThe CAIT Core Team is proud to announce that we have created the first faucet on WAX, and one of the first self-sustaining DeFi fed faucets in the world.

  1. Log into
  2. Search for
  3. Select "contract"
  4. Select "Claim"
  5. Enter Your Wax Address
  6. Submit once an Hour!
  7. Get FREE CAIT. :)

Direct Link To the Contract Action:

Users can claim FREE CAIT every sixty minutes.

This is the first step on our road to ensuring that CAIT is equitable and that the profits are truly shared amongst the community, especially to those who cannot afford to dive in and swim with the whales in this space.

It also functions as a self-sustaining UBI Protocol, and we hope to be adding other partner tokens to the faucet in the future. If you want your favorite token on WAX to be added to the faucet in the future, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

If you wish to support CAIT and buy some of our packs click here

Also Free Promo Drop At 1230 CST



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Collective Artistic Investment Token $CAIT
Collective Artistic Investment Token $CAIT

CAIT on WAX We're a community giving back to another community in a materially significant way. Micah’s Personal Wax Address : kj2ay.wam CAIT Staking/Market Wallet : a2dr2.wam Cait Token Reserve: caittokenres CAIT Wax Reserve: caittokenwax CAIT Airdrops Acct: caitairdrops

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