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By coolguy222 | coolguy222 | 2 Dec 2019

Hello Dear community!
I am here again to tell you about a new way of earning online. As you know that people who are not strong financially are always looking for online work to earn some extra income. I am also includes myself in this category of people thats why i am using different platforms to afford my needs.


Recently i came across masmic Platform where we can earn xlm by answering to questions. Each four hours a question is asked on the masmic platform and people are allowed to anser it while giving them a chance to earn xlm.
A bounty is set on each question to reward answers.
To get an idea ,Have a look here


Each user is given 16 votes to cast on different answers. Top best answers that have more votes are rewarded with xlm.
A question has 6 days to post your answers after that it expires and you cant get reward if you answer it after 6 days.
I tried it and everything works perfectly fine.
Have a look


There is one thing to note that the early you answer a question it will raise your chances to get rewards. When answering a question you should also give a title that can summ up your opinion or thoughts. You should also try to add an image relevent to the question or answer. These are few tips that will help you to earn maximum rewards.
If your answer gets hihest number of votes from users then you will get highest reward.
For example if user "A" has get 100 votes on his answer and user "B" get 90 votes on his nswer then Use "A" will get high reward than user "B".
I also took a withsrawl that went perfectly fine within seconds i recieved in my blockchain wallet.


If you also want to earn some extra money then masmic is perfect platform for you to earn xlm.
Here is the joining link if ypu are interested in this platform


Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.

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