Bernie just sold for 8.88 ETH ($11,079)!

By mxrs | Cool Crypto | 26 Jan 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Bernie Sanders has become a meme sensation.  

My personal favorite is MMA Bernie:    


But what you may not know is a digital drawing of him just sold for 8.88 ETH ($11,079)!  

The artwork was drawn by an artist known as Sinclair. It was sold on the NFT art website SuperRare.  

The artwork, titled “Bernie” is described as follows:  

Bernie Sanders becomes a fashion icon at the presidential inauguration. Created with one line only.  

Sinclair is a prolific abstract digital artist with a cubist style. He is one of the top artists on SuperRare and also boasts a decent following on Instagram.  

I’m an art lover and I’m excited to see digital art continue to grow in popularity and value, especially when integrated with the Ethereum blockchain.  

If your interested in learning a bit more, check out my article on Crypto Art.  

Leave a comment with your thoughts and favorite Bernie meme!

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