The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

By PierreL | Content For Creators | 3 Jun 2021

Every year, I look at the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners and have a good laugh. This year, I decided to finally try my luck at it!


About the contest

If you have never heard of the CWPA, it was created in 2015 by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam who thought (with good reason) that humor would be a good way to bring some attention to issues related to wildlife conservation and the environment in general. Every year, they organize a photography contest open to everyone and reward the funniest wildlife picture of the year with various gifts/trips. They also partner with a different organisation working for wildlife protection every time and donate 10% of their yearly revenue to it, as well as a well deserved worldwide promotion.

Here are some winners from the previous years:



The 2021 edition

For this year's edition, CWPA decided to partner with Gunung Palung Orang-utan Conservation Program, a US and Indonesia based organisation which protects wild orangutans. The jury this year will be made of 14 wildlife and photography experts, journalists and sponsors from all over the world (you can see the full list here), and they will be judging pictures in 6 different categories: land, air, water, juniors (for photographers under 16 years old), video and a "collection", where contestants have to upload 4 photos preferably depicting the same scene. You can upload 3 photos for each category, and 2 video clips, and the only requirements are that they have to show actual wildlife (no pets or zoo animals) and be your funniest shots. You have until June 30 to submit your entries, so there is still plenty of time to look through your hard drives or grab your camera!

The grand prize to win this year is a one week safari in Kenya for 2 people so... Pretty tempting if you love wildlife photography and if you miss traveling as much as I do!


Here are some of my entries for this year (I don't have hilarious pictures but I figured why not try it, worst case scenario is I get nothing from it, best case scenario it could be a life changing experience, so I have nothing to lose anyway):






As I said, it is open to anyone who has a funny wildlife picture to share, you don't have to be a professional photographer to win an award, so feel free to go sign up before June 30! And if you want to support the project and help protect wildlife, you can buy their picture books, some prints or directly donate on their website:

Until next time, stay creative! See ya!




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