Have you heard of Youtube's new feature, Youtube Chapters?

By PierreL | Content For Creators | 6 Jun 2020

Hello everyone!

Here's another short post, this time about this new feature that Youtube is slowly implementing for all users: chapters.

Basically, what this creates is something that, in my opinion, should have been around for years already. By adding time codes in the video description, as many of us creators already do every now and then, depending on the content), it will allow the viewer the click on the progress bar to jump to said time code and watch this specific part of the video. This is great for long videos covering a variety of topics, for long tutorials, for videos of a full music album, so you can go straight to the song you want to listen to, and so on.

To use this feature, all you need to do is add the time codes in the video description with only 2 requirements: it has to start with the 0:00 time, and you need to "name" your chapters with at least 3 characters, like so:

0:00 Introduction
0:35 My first chapter
1:54 Another topic
So on...


I created a video specifically designed to take advantage of this feature, filming myself playing different piano notes and then writing down all the time codes, allowing you to play the piano by clicking on the player's progress bar. It really is that simple to create an interactive video on Youtube now.

The chapters appear to be unavailable when the video is shared on a third party page like here. If you don't see them, try it directly on Youtube.


As per usual with Youtube, they're not providing all users with this feature yet, to avoid a massive backlash if people hate it, so if you don't see the chapters in the progress bar yet, it will probably be available someday soon. Youtube has a history of adding and removing cool features, but hopefully this one is here to stay.


Until next time, stay creative! See you!



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