Cheap SFX library? Uppbeat just got better!

Cheap SFX library? Uppbeat just got better!

By PierreL | Content For Creators | 20 Sep 2021

Hello and welcome creative people! Last week I talked to you about Uppbeat, the music library I am using for my upcoming videos, and they announced today the release of a long awaited feature: sound effects! So let's see how good (or not) it is.


Copyright-free content

The main takeaway from this new SFX library is that Uppbeat partnered with SFX company Boom Library, sound designers and voiceover artists to create or recreate iconic sounds from scratch. This ensures that every single sound effect is licensed through Uppbeat and won't leave us creators faced with copyright infringement issues and fear of strikes and demonetization.

Most creators on Youtube use meme sound effects without even thinking twice about whether or not they can use them, simply because everyone else is using them, but reality isn't always as easy as this. That's why Uppbeat decided to go the custom way, even though most of their library is inspired by well-known memes. Some might prefer to use the original memes rather than a slightly-different-but-copyright-free version, but I think it was a smart move on their part to do things this way. I must admit I was scared to see what it was going to sound like when I first read that they were recreating all the famous sounds, but the end result is, for the most part, really good. 


Easy to browse categories

To those already familiar with Uppbeat, you won't be lost when looking for sound effects as they are sorted in carousels by category, style, theme and so on, much like the songs are.


From movie like quotes to video game sounds, from nature ambiances to whooshes, from quirky noises to electronic booms and explosions, Uppbeat has covered pretty much anything and everything a creator might need.

This is basically how I organize my own library of SFX on my hard drive, and most of my folders actually have the same names as these categories so I feel right at home looking at this page. I am not a big fan of this way of doing things for the music, but I do think it makes a lot of sense for sound effects.

In each of these categories, you can also use filters to get more specific results based on intensity (if you want a soft sound or a more intense one), proximity (close or spacious, which I personally don't think I will use often as I don't really see the relevance of it in 99% of the sound effects I might be looking for) and quantity (if you want an audio track with only one sound or several, like 5 different cork pops in one track). This last filter does not seem to be working properly though, as I have gotten tracks with only one sound while I was testing it out. Keep in mind that the library was just released today (September 20) and can (and most likely will) be perfected in the future.

The biggest problem I have with their carousels has nothing to do with the way they are organized but comes from a technical issue, as I find them hard to navigate on smaller screens (arrows not consistently showing up and sensitive click on drag). I admit that's the former web developer speaking, not the creator, but I want this review to be as honest as possible so I had to mention this.



Finally, it is important to mention that, unfortunately, this new SFX library is only available for premium members. I understand that they need some more premium incentive to get people to sign up, but I wish they would done something similar to what they did with the music: access to about half of the library for free users. I believe this is a good enough incentive to get people to upgrade to a premium account, because once you've had a taste of some sound effects and the next one you want to use is only available for premium members, you're more likely to upgrade. But, alas, this is not the way they went. As a free member, you can browse through the categories and listen to all the sound effects, but you can't download or use them in your content.

That being said, the price of the premium plan remains untouched, meaning signing up for a premium plan now gets more content for the same price and, of course, if you already have a premium account, this entire library is available at no additional cost. Premium plans start at $6.99 a month which is still a low price considering the size of both the music and SFX libraries, and if you want to learn more about pricing and the different premium plans available, you can check out my last post about Uppbeat where I talk about it extensively.


So what do you think about this new feature? Are you willing to pay to get copyright-free versions of your favorite meme sounds, or do you think it's fine to use the original memes everyone else is using?



Until next time, stay creative! See ya!




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