You can now hunt for DASH with the AIRCOINS App 😲

You can now hunt for DASH with the AIRCOINS App 😲

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 15 Jun 2019

Oooh, I thought I wasn't going to get addicted to the Aircoins App... but today I found out that you can now hunt for Dash with it!! 

Aircoins is considered the "Pokemon Go for crypto"

That basically means that you can hunt coins in augmented reality - anywhere anytime. All over the world!

When I first installed it back in April, I tried it out in my neighborhood in Thailand, where I stayed at the time. Here's a short clip of my very first attempt - not only with this app, but with AR ever. You can tell it took me a while to figure out I had to tap the coins to claim them. 🤷‍♀️ 

Back then I thought, hey, this is really fun, but not for me. I'll tell all my friends who have teenage kids, but to me it looks like it just gives me a bunch of no-name coins that I can't do anything with.  

Basically, the one thing that was wrong with it (for me), was that I couldn't hunt any Dash with it... ;)  

Of course I was aware that the app is still new, and decided to leave it on my phone and check in every once in a while.   

Once I returned home to Berlin in May, I opened it again, thinking there must be way more coins in Berlin than in Chiang Mai, Thailand... And voilá, to my surprise I found a whole bunch in my own apartment!!! 

But still, no Dash... so I forgot about the app again for a month.    

Until yesterday, when Aircoins got fixed! ;)  

Dash is now available in the app, wooohooo!!!   

The press release went out this week, and the Aircoins team joined the Dash News podcast on Friday to talk more about the details of these amazing news. See the clip below. 

After listening to this podcast I realized how many new possibilities are opening up here. Not just for Dash, of course, but any coin and even beyond just cryptocurrency.  

Sadly, no Dash have been added to my apartment yet. Or any other coins for that matter. Once they're gone, they're gone. (I checked... More than once.) Makes sense, it wouldn't be a game otherwise, would it. But still... imagine waking up every morning and harvesting some new coins every day, like picking a nice bunch of flowers for your breakfast table... Maybe one day! ;)   

In fact, in the podcast above, they are talking about the possibility for anyone to be able to "make it rain" in certain locations. (If you didn't know, the Dash community is extremely genereous and I'm not surprised that the first thought on some people's minds was, 'How can I give away some of my own Dash through this app?')

This really opens up a whole bunch of new possibilities, beyond just airdropping pocketmoney to your kids from now on in a fun way. 

It could be an engaging incentive at conferences or in shopping malls - the possibilities in terms of the "sharing economy" are endless! And who knows, maybe some of us will find generous people who will install faucets in our own apartments :) even if it's just on Easter for a virtual egg hunt, or as a surprise birthday gift!

What about privacy? 

Important topic, especially for the Dash community. They do talk about that in the podcast at around 22:45min in, but the sound is so bad, I didn't understand a thing... From what I could gather, though, it's something they take very seriously, though I'm hoping we'll get more solid information on that soon.

Can you withdraw your Dash? 


If I understood correctly, Dash is the first coin for which this is possible, which means, you can basically pay with the Aircoins app! You just send your Dash to any address you want.   

I can't wait to find my first Dash - I would have loved to add a little clip or screenshot here to this article, but it seems I'm not the only Aircoins hunter in my neighborhood... Everything in my immediate vicinity is suspiciously "empty", while the rest of Berlin is flooded with coins. Hope no Berliners are reading this article before I combed through the whole city... 

Any downsides?

Besides the fact that your favorite coin may not be available on the app (yet), I don't see any downsides, only a few concerns:

  • Watch your battery and your data plan! Maybe it's just my phone, which does have a weak battery, but I felt the app makes it run down extra fast. And the data probably, too. 
  • Watch the traffic and where you're going while using the app :) If you're an experienced Pokemon Go player, maybe you're used to that, but I made sure I tried it out in a very quiet street so as not to run into any oncoming traffic :) 
  • Get clarity on privacy before you use it or send any money out. 



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