The Sun Exchange: Make a Difference & Earn Bitcoin

The Sun Exchange: Make a Difference & Earn Bitcoin

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 3 May 2019

Do you want to do good with crypto? Here's an idea to put your profits of the next bull run to good use!

The Sun Exchange

This is one of my favorite projects in the crypto space. It allows you to invest in solar cells, which are installed and leased out to commercial projects in South Africa and earn you a rental income for 20 years. They do that through crowdfunding the solar panels online, and then take care of all the rest.

Most of the projects so far have been schools or wildlife reserves.

If you are into "good energy" and want to put your Bitcoins to good use, The Sun Exchange is a great project to check out and get involved in. 


How does it work? 

When a crowdfunding campaign for a new project starts, you'll see the price per solar cell and the expected return over 20 years. Decide how many solar cells you want - from just one to several thousand - and then all you do is click a payment button - done!

All the rest is handled by the Sun Exchange team, and you can follow the progress online. 

They will update you on the milestones and installation progress regularly, and once the panels are installed, you will receive monthly statements of your earnings.

I have been part of this for two years and can testify that it's legit and that the team really is dedicated, diligent and delivers on promises.

Why should I do this? 

Well, you'll be creating power from sunshine for people who need it. And you'll be generating a passive income from sunshine for yourself.

Depending on how many solar cells you can afford, this may not be a way to become rich, however you're doing something good; you're investing in solar energy and you're creating a passive income stream in Bitcoin for yourself. 

You can pay for the solar cells in Bitcoin, and you will receive the monthly payouts in Bitcoin as well. The whole payment system of the Sun Exchange is blockchain based! 

If you believe in the long-term rise of Bitcoin's price, then you know that those monthly payments might go a long way and turn into a lot more than you were originally promised... :)


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