The Pillar Wallet: Your new favorite wallet for all your tokens (incl. collectibles!!)

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 7 May 2019

Are you familiar with the Pillar wallet yet? 

If not, it's worth checking out, especially if you're a writer here on Publish0x and don't know where to store the tokens you earn.

I haven't withdrawn any of my tokens yet, but I will soon - as you can see I have already added BNTY and HYDRO to my Pillar wallet: 



Here are the wallet features in a nutshell:

  • It holds aaaaall the Ethereum tokens you didn't know where to put til now. So whatever partnerships Publish0x will have in the future - you'll be able to store those tokens in the Pillar wallet.
  • You can even keep your collectibles (NFT's) in there!
  • It's easy to use
  • It doesn't require you to enter your private key into a website (!!)
  • It has an address book for all your friends and contacts
  • You can chat with them in an encrypted messenger within the app
  • You can chat with Support right in the wallet, too (and they respond within 5min!!)
  • It's super well designed, lots of white space - very intuitive without any question marks or confusion
  • It's only the mini MVP of a much larger vision (a "personal data locker" which puts us back in charge of our private data)

...AND: It has the most generous community ever! 

Here's what happened the other day...

I've been following the Pillar Project for a while. The moment I first heard about what they do, I was a fan.

I like projects that create decentralized solutions that are usable by humans. While I don't believe that absolutely everything has to be decentralized, there are two things that MUST become decentralised: money, and our personal data

Two projects that focus strongly on end user experience with the products they're building are DASH (money and payments) and the Pillar Project (personal data). Therefore those two have always been my favorites in the crypto space. 

While I wasn't very active in the Pillar community, I closely followed the project, because I was desperately waiting for the wallet to come out. MyEtherWallet just wasn't an option for me and MetaMask, meh, not in love with that one either. 

So instead of using those, I left my tokens in an exchange.

Yep, I did that.

Me, the same person who wrote this article and goes around preaching about "Private keys!!!" 📣 

The Pillar wallet came out last December while I was travelling. I thought, "Oh, I'll move my tokens as soon as I'm back home again (in half a year...)." 🤦‍♀️

But in January the exchange got hacked... 

They are still looking into things, but I'm beginning to accept that my PLR tokens are gone... It was easy to accept a temporary 95% drop in value since I bought them (I'm not bothered about that. It will go up again).

But a 100% "final" loss is something else.  

So, what to do?

I went to the Pillar Telegram channel to cry. 


Nobody even knows me there since I hadn't peeked into the community for at least a year. But as you can see...

People reached out to help immediately!! 

All of a sudden I had several Pillarista friends in my wallet, and - believe it or not - the amount of tokens I received in gifts is more than half of what I lost!! 😲🥰

It's rare to experience such generosity, especially as a complete stranger. And honestly, it's such a joy compared to the "coin wars" and ego battles we witness on Twitter and other communities. 

Culture is so important and from what I've read and seen so far, the Pillar company knows that and focuses on creating a very positive culture in their organisation. And this positive spirit definitely trickles into the larger community.  

Amazing customer service 

I got to test their in-app support as well, and they really DID reply within 5 minutes as promised.

Customer Service is an area that most projects still don't consider important, but a stellar product needs stellar service as well. You can tell Pillar cares about people in everything they do - their product, their design, their community and their customer service. 


My initial intention in the telegram was actually to see if there are any bounties or ways to earn my Pillar tokens back. But then I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that I completely forgot about that.

I would love to earn PLR tokens here on Publish0x!

Who knows, maybe we'll see a partnership some time in the future, if they can create a win-win for both parties.

To me, the Pillar wallet would be a perfect partner for Publish0x actually: whatever token project will sponsor the payouts of Publish0x at any point in the future - we will be able to store it in the Pillar wallet. So why not also have a chance to earn PLR tokens right here? I'm sure it would create a lot of awareness of the Pillar wallet amongst the Publish0x users and beyond. Sounds like a win-win-win to me!

So, check out the Pillar Wallet, I promise you'll love it and it will become your new favorite!

And if you're interested in Pillar's larger vision, which truly goes waaay beyond just a wallet - grab a cup of coffee and read this.


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