The Pillar Wallet Has An In-App Token Exchange Now!!

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 15 Jul 2019

The Pillar Project reached another mile stone last week: you can now exchange your tokens directly in the wallet!

Introducing the "Offers Engine"

It's super simple and intuitive, but if you like instruction videos, you can watch this short clip to see how it works. Trust me, you won't need it :)

The Offers Engine pulls in offers from several exchanges, so it can give you the best prices available.

The best part?

The Pillar wallet will always prefer and prioritize decentralised exchanges, so that you can stay in control of your assets at any time.

Keeping control of your data and money is, after all, the main mission of the Pillar Project.

Couple of notes...

  • At the moment the exchange will only work if you have at least a small amount of ETH in your Pillar Wallet, for gas (this will change in the future once "smart wallets" are introduced)
  • Right now you may find limited trading pairs available - mostly ony to/from ETH, but more and more will be added soon.


This is another goal achieved on Pillar's road map to a much larger vision.

It's great to follow this project and see the team fulfill everything they set out to do.

Step by step. No distractions.



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She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups.

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