DASH keeps innovating: The DASH Investment Foundation

DASH keeps innovating: The DASH Investment Foundation

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 3 Jun 2019

Dash is about to launch the world's first ownerless and memberless investment fund. 


Yes. Ownerless and memberless. 

I can't quite wrap my head around this yet, either, but at the same time this feels really really BIG. 

The evolution of the Dash treasury?

So far, anyone who wanted to contribute to the Dash network could do so by submitting a proposal to the Dash treasury (which is a magical bottomless pot of money, constantly refilling itself with 10% of the Dash block rewards - one of Dash's first innovations, which has been copied by several other projects since then). If the proposal was accepted, they would receive a grant for the value they provided.

With the new Investment Foundation, the Dash Masternode Network (through the treasury) can now invest in anything outside the Dash Network - assets, businesses, whatever - in exchange for actual ownership in them.

The fund will be managed by finance experts who will be overseen by a panel of six supervisors from the Dash Community, elected by the Masternode Owners. This ensures that financial expertise is coupled with Dash's vision and values and every decision benefits the Dash network.  

The ultimate goal of the "DIF", is to increase the value of Dash for any Dash holder - not just the Masternode Owners or other stake holders, but anyone anywhere in the world, whether they hold $1 worth of Dash, or $100,000. 

This is the big picture as far as I understood so far...  :)

I had to watch Amanda's explanation in the clip above several times; and I've watched every clip of Ryan Taylor (CEO of Dash Core Group) announcing this more than once, too.

All I can think is: this is BIG. And by the (lack of) reaction of the audience in some of Ryan's clips, I have a feeling hardly anyone understands just HOW BIG this is.

I am seriously contemplating applying for one of the supervisor roles. There are a LOT of details that I still need to understand before I can hand in my application in full integrity, though, so I hope more information will be made available soon. Being German and very thorough, I want to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into, and not just be blinded by my enthusiasm for Dash ;)  

In the clip below, you can see Ryan Taylor talk about the foundation for about 3 minutes from 13:00min on:

It's not the first time Dash has done this kind of innovation in legal structures of ownership, by the way.

A few months ago the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust was established, which the Dash Core Group falls under. It is supervised by a panel of Trust Protectors, which also were elected by the Masternode Owners.

Set up in a similar way, this Dash Investment Foundation will be the second Dash entity that serves and is directly governed by the Dash Masternode network. 

This is BIG, isn't it? 



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