DASH: Amanda B. Johnson is back - Evolution coming soon?

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 14 Mar 2019

Happy news for the Dash community: Amanda is back!

On the new Youtube Channel DashCrypto, Amanda B. Johnson will be reporting on all things Dash again, just like she previously did in her popular Dash Detailed series.   

I’m sure I’m not the only one to whom Amanda has made a huge difference on their crypto journey.  

I came across her 6-video Dash School series in early 2017 just before I bought my first 5 Dash. She explained things in such an easy, non-techy way, which helped me understand Dash and how it is different from Bitcoin immediately. If it hadn’t been for her and her welcoming attitude, I may have never joined the Dash Nation Slack channel, which became my first “crypto home”.   

Dash School is simply the easiest and most non-boring introduction to not only blockchain and crypto (videos 1-3), but also Dash in particular (videos 4-6). To this day I am recommending it to friends and clients, and inevitably they all ask me for help on how to buy Dash later 😉   

So why is Dash creating a new Youtube channel now…?

I wonder if these first three clips of 2019 are the subtle beginnings of a marketing campaign for Dash’s long awaited product Evolution? "Evolution" being the working title for something pretty epic, as presented by the previous lead developer Chuck Williams in October 2017.  

Watch his inspiring presentation, if you need a reminder: 

I guess we’ll find out soon! 

For now, the name "Evolution" is nowhere to be found on Dash's newly updated website. Instead, a new, so-called "community portal" will be launching soon over at www.dashcrypto.org. Hm...   

Well, I like a bit of mystery, but I also can't wait to find out more!     

If you're as curious as me, sign up for updates here:  

DashCrypto Youtube channel 

DashCrypto community portal 

DashCrypto Twitter


2019 - Best Dash year yet? 

Dash has grown and innovated so much over the past year and solved some actual real world problems especially for the people in Venezuela (where it currently has its largest merchant base) - it’s become almost impossible to keep track!

Welcome back, Amanda! It’ll be much easier to stay uptodate again from now on! 


Anja Schuetz is a cryptocurrency mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on non-digital natives. She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups.

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