Paranormal Activity In My Living Room?

By Conny Manero | connymanero | 29 Apr 2020

What if I was to say … I think there are ghosts in my house. What would your reaction be? Would you laugh, roll your eyes, or would you be inclined to believe me? I hope those who read this story take the time to give me some feedback.

It all started when we made plans for a European vacation. We’d never been able to travel because we have pets and we don’t have any family or reliable friends to take care of them in our absence. We have friends of course, but there is a difference between friends and reliable friends.

Would they feed and water the pets, or would they forget about them? Would they be prepared to clean the litter box? It’s one thing to open a can of food and sprinkle some dry nibbles in a bowl, but it’s quite another to clean a used litter box.

A colleague recommended looking into pet sitting organizations. I did some research and I found a few but I didn’t like the idea that they engage teenagers to look after cats, dogs, birds, etc. Eventually, though I found an organization who makes it their business to look after pets while their owners are away, on business or vacation, run by mature women. Bingo.

The next step was to install a camera in our living room. That way, no matter where we were, we would be able to see what was going on and in case of an emergency notify the pet sitter. And that’s where it all started.

The morning after we installed the camera, we had a look at what happened during the night. What did the pets get up to while we were sleeping? The pets were up to nothing, they were sleeping too, but that didn’t mean nothing went on during the night. Between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. we saw all kinds of bright white lights flying around. ‘What the hell is that?’ we thought.

From then on we looked every morning for the previous night’s activity. Sometimes nothing happened, sometimes there were between four to ten of those bright little lights, and sometimes there were so many lights it looked like a snowstorm in our living room. See for yourself. Keep in mind, at the time there was no wind coming into the living room, not from a fan, not from a heating element, not from an air-conditioner. No air movement at all.

When my curiosity got the better of me, I showed the videos to a few people. Some said the round lights were merely dust. Dust? In my experience, dust floats down at a leisurely pace, it doesn’t fly across the room at speed and it certainly doesn’t change direction. And since when is dust shaped round and lights up? Others said the lights were orbs. Orbs? What exactly are orbs? When I looked up ‘What are orbs’ online I got the following explanation:

In photography, backscatter is an optical phenomenon resulting in typically circular artifacts on an image, due to the camera’s flash being reflected from unfocused motes of dust, water droplets, or other particles in the air or water. It is especially common with modern compact and ultra-compact digital cameras.

Hmm, except where the writer was talking about orbs in photographs, but what about in videos? What the lens captured in the above video were no dust motes and they were certainly no water droplets. So what did the video show?

Is this something paranormal? Does anyone have idea theories?

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Conny Manero
Conny Manero

I am the author of three novels and two children's books. I write for various online and print publications.


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