Update on the Stellar Cannacoin community. High times up ahead!

   A few weeks ago i wrote an article on Stellar Cannacoin and the community growing around them. In case you need a refresher, here ya go


Theres been a good bit of progress since then, so I wanted to revisit Stellar Cannacoin and see what’s shaking. So roll up some Northern Lights, OG Kush or whatever’s clever, sit back and let’s see what’s new!

    420 it is

 All of us in the community,myself included, were stoked to reach 420 members over on the subreddit at R/Stellarcannacoin. Actually there is now 530 fellow smokers over there, toking on a number and digging on the radio, and just having a good time in general. I’m pleased to say it’s still a laid back community, because if there’s one word that should not be associated with cannabis, it is the word hassle! 
   Unfortunately when it comes to buds and the system, there’s always some fucking hassle somewhere. Especially if you are operating a business and trying to deal with banks. Many banks refuse to handle Cannabis money(bud money?) even though it’s obtained perfectly legal  it’s part of the stigma I guess. Cannacoin aims to address this need as a universal payment/reward token(toking? Lol) for business and consumer alike. And since Cannacoin operates on the stellar blockchain, transactions are super fast and come with micro fees. Both necessary attributes to do business in a reliable fashion.

  If you suffer from potzheimers and have memeory issues, fear not as this info can be found in their whitepaper. No, not those things that come in a pack and you use to roll a joint. It’s the other kind of whitepaper  The Stellar Cannacoin whitepaper can be found at https://www.stellarcannacoin.org/whitepaper

There are also rumors buzzing around about some partnerships with some dispensaries. That gives me a buzz just thinking about it.’

   New strains

 There’s been a lot of new action going on lately so let me list a few new things and partnerships that have happened 

  • Added a Twitter account
  • Started a liquidity pool and have been expanding the pool
  • many new wallet holders
  • Cannacoin has reached significant ATHs——(personal note—my bag has done almost a 100x since I first got some)
  • New partnership announced with Humble Jungle—check them out they are home to the humble coin and do a lot of stuff on twitch and discord with games,giveaways and more
  • New partnership with The Stoner Scientist(more on that in a minute.
  • released the most epic faucet ever! Snoopbot! That’s right,mothafuckng Snoopbot. Get free Canna every day with Snoop

   Science and Sativa

 One of the new partnerships is with The Stoner Scientist. This guy isn’t someone named Jimmy from the meat department pretending to be a weed scientist. That’s a funny visual though.  Lol. No,this man is an actual scientist who happens to be a fan of both cannabis and crypto.  He was a lab work scientist who just didn’t quite receive the fulfillment he was looking for from his career. Because we all know that shit is important! 
   What he decided to do was become a streamer dedicated to P2E games and NFT drops with a passion for teaching people about the P2E games. Actually, I think it’s best if I let him say it in his own words. Here’s a screenshot I took of a conversation we were having regarding describing his channel.


  He’s a cool cat and he is constantly putting on live streams and doing giveaways! Definitely check him out when you get a minute. Tell him Shovelheaddad from Cannacoin sent you! Go find him at



  Let’s be blunt

I’m gonna be blunt here. We are just about at the end of this story. If you haven’t checked out Stellar Cannacoin on Reddit, go do it. I mean seriously, what are you waiting for? This coin has alot of potential to transform the payment space in the cannabis sector. There are plans to seek listing on some exchanges and looks like some dispensary partnerships coming soon. With a supply of 5.2billion tokens and a $540,000 market cap, there is a lot of room for growth. Stratospheric growth. Currently, the coin trades at 0.0001 USD or 0.000415 XLM.  

  Congratulations to R/Stellarcannacoin on reaching 420 members. May we all catch good vibes and tasty buds on our journey together!

   Hey listen, none of this is financial advice. Seriously! I’m just some greasy,dirtbag biker who works for a living like you guys! Money is important so do what’s right with it and by you. If you enjoyed my story please consider following along . Peace and don’t let your meat loaf!

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