Stellar Cannacoin. A new project with a chill community and high ambitions

       As you can tell from the title, there will be a lot of weed based puns in this article. I just wanted to get that out of the way. Lol. 

    Today, we will take a look at the community of Stellar Cannacoin and their swat at the cryptosphere. I recently joined this community on Reddit and let me tell ya, it’s one of the most laid back joints in that place! I recognized some of the names from the pineapple meme driven community of Ananos, so that was a nice surprise to me. It told me I could expect a lot more of the chill, drama free no hassle environment I found as a refuge from the nerd-raging, teenage drama that seems to infect almost every crypto sub on Reddit. 

    Back in November of 2021, Redditor r/burnsivxx was cheeving on some tasty buds when an idea started brewing in his head. If you were near him, you could have heard the idea percolate in his head, like the sound of a water bong at the beginning of Sublime’s Smoke two joints. “What if I could create another chill community that is super chill and make a coin to have fun with? ” he thought. After mulling it over and taking another swat, he mused to himself “Cha-ha yeah!” After deciding there was already a lot of dog and fruit meme coins, he decided on cannabis. Because why not?!?!? And thus the community of Stellar Cannacoin was born!

   Well things went nicely and the guys thought it might be fun to give their meme coin an actual use! And that’s what they set out to do. They created a whitepaper and put it on their website at  
Cannacoin runs on the Stellar blockchain so transactions are fast and have extremely low fees.   Cannacoin is a crypto community so active members have a large say in the direction of the coin and are also rewarded for being helpful by tips from others. A tipbot is of course in place for people to tip others and spread awareness. They have a list of uses for this coin such as being used in the cannabis insustry as a solution to the problem of banks refusing to handle money from cannabis companies and also as a rewards system for merchants and users alike, And that’s just the beginning. As the community grows and more people join the cause, who knows what kind of use cases there will be. Whatever they end up being, they will be things decided on as a community.  So next time you are on Reddit, come on over to r/stellarcannacoin and say high! 

    Listen, none of this is financial advice and shouldn’t be treated as such. These are just my opinions only and things i do. I’m just old, Harley riding, scooter trash who is a single dad of two awesome little boys and a working shmuck like most of you. I have found that I enjoy writing as a hobby, and this is now my 3rd week as a writer. If you enjoyed the story then consider following along. I write about all kinds of stuff from crypto and price action to personal experiences. If you would like to tip me then it would be highly appreciated. I am also going to include a couple referral links for different services. 
  Until next time…Don’t let your meat loaf!


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Confessions of a crypto enthusiast

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