L7Trade - 46 Days on the Platfrom 📅 - What happened to my initial 130 💲💲💲 investment?! (1746.154% profit can this be true?! 😮)

L7Trade - 46 Days on the Platfrom 📅 - What happened to my initial 130 💲💲💲 investment?! (1746.154% profit can this be true?! 😮)

Hello again Cryptofans,

It's been a while since my last post...life was a bit crazy recently, so writing sort of lost its priority for a couple weeks there…


But I do try my best to stay updated as much as I can on what's going on in the crypto world, and try to stay on top of my investments.


So in the past couple months, apart from just hodling my coins i was also trying out some new methods to multiply my coins in the fastest possible way…


As I mentioned in my previous posts, I have started testing out a platform called L7.Trade about 45 days ago.


I gotta admit, that when i first deposited my 1.43 LTC into the platform (about 130$ at the time) I was 85% sure that I will never see them again, but as the opportunity intrigued me i have decided to try it out.

And although the website did not look as one of those numerous HYIP websites offering you 10% daily (with huge fonts) or even more, for doing absolutely nothing but depositing your money for god knows what...L7.trade had more of a professional look to it, and the whole process was clearly explained on the website, with incorporation documents and a transparent system of fees distribution…



It seemed to me, that if it is a SCAM it is a very well made one.


I was boggled by it...yes there were no huge banners promising 10% daily or 700% monthly, but they were providing a table of all the arbitrage deltas for various coins.

If you are not familiar with L7.Trade and what is it all about, i suggest you to check out my previous posts on the matter:


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According to a basic calculation you can make about 0.73-1.5% (it constantly changes, and can go higher or lower based on the market situation) profit on every trade, averaging at about 4-6 trades per day -> that gives us between 2.92% - 9% profit a day ...thats was very hard form me to believe….

Especially taking the fact that this platform works on compounding, it lets you reinvest all your capital on each trade...your total principal with the added interest.


Making it a compound miracle for any investor, or as Albert Einstein said:




Just to put things in perspective, lets have an example:


If you invest 100$ and get a 10% daily return on investment, without reinvesting your profits ...after 100 days of such amazing returns you would have your 100 dollars and additional 1000$ of profit, you would basically made an amazing 1000% profit on your investment.




And as amazing as it sounds, let's look at the same 100$ initial investment, but this time we will compound all of our profits back into the investment, every day, for 100 days.


In this case we will not have to wait for 100 days to get a 1000$, we would actually get slightly more than that sometimes between day 24 and 25, and in 60 days those 100$ would turn out to be 30449$ and after those 100 days ...well, this is hard to believe, but:


Your initial 100$ investment would turn out to be an unbelievable 1,378,134$


Yeah that's right, one million, three hundred and seventy eight thousand, hundred thirty four dollars, yielding you a staggering 1,378,034.87% profit on you initial hypotetical investment.



Hard to believe right?! But that's the beauty and the horror of compound interest.




There is a nice little tool i am using to calculate those percentages...and I encourage to check it out : http://compoundaily.com/


So back to my story…


My calculations were showing an average potential of over 5-7% daily profit.


Compounding my initially invested 130$ would allow me to double my money after only 10-14 days...and quadruple it after about 21 days…




That sounded too good to be true, but i simply couldn't give up on the opportunity.




So what's happened on my 48 day journey on L7.Trade?!



My trust level was building slowly, I was waking up everyday with a 50-50 feeling that once i open the browser and load up the page i will get a “This site can’t be reached” message, as happens so often in the crypto space.


But for a while there, everything was going out smoothly...I was actually averaging well over 5% daily, and often had over 8-9% of daily profits ...at least on the “paper” - or the screen in that matter.




After about a week of trading with XML i have exchanged them to LTC and then the LTC was exchanged to BTC and after about 8 days i had 220$ in BTC invested in the platform.



There returns seemed very good, but I was still skeptical and was trying to learn as much as I could about the ins and outs of the platform ,trying to get answers to various questions I had regarding the whole transaction process, and some technical issues i could not understand..


And although there weren't that much info on the project, I noticed that some admins are active on their official company page, on a Russian social network called Vkontakte.

And they were answering some questions that they have been asked and generally acted very professional.

I managed to get quite a bit of info on the processes involved in this platform and managed to get most of my questions answered.


That gave me some confidence, but i was still about 40% sure that my money will be long gone way before I manage to withdraw a single cent.


The first sign of that happened when I was about to reach my first milestone for withdrawal 2X of my initial investment…


I had about 2.58 LTC in my account,  and had about 0.32 LTC to go, to achieve that goal…




I woke up, opened the website on my mobile, and there it was...the website was down.



My initial reaction was, “Damn it, I knew it...it was a scam, there is no easy money…”.




But then I noticed that this wasn't a fatal kind of message, saying that this webpage no longer exists...meaning that the owners of the website are long gone and the server is probably already wiped out.


Instead if was some kind of cloudflare message, saying that there is a problem, but not that the website is down…


I tried to refresh that page, and the messages were changing...something was going on there, it wasn't a typical shutdown.




After a while the cloudflare started to try to load the website, and every now and then showing bits and pieces of it, before crashing again…


It felt like the servers were overwhelmed...they had a DDOS attack.




Now...DDOS can crush your service is a matter of minutes, what actually happened in numerous other platforms and services in many industries, and no doubt in the crypto space.

Causing numerous service to shut down for days and weeks, and often never able to get back up at all…


But as bad as DDOS attacks can be, it gave me a little hope that the admins are still out there, perhaps they not sipping mojitos on some Caribbean island just yet…




And sure as hell, after 2 or 3 hours, L7Trade was up and running again ...logging in...i was very happy to see, that all my funds where right there where I left them.




I might have lost a trade, but my money was there...I could keep trading or get it all out, right there.


The best part of this story for me, was that right after the incident, the admins have immediately communicated the situation on the aforementioned social network, they have explained what happened and assured that their servers are capable of safeguarding our funds and that they immediately disconnected their wallet records if such an attack occurs.

The amazing part is that they managed to take care of the situation in a few hours, that shows amazing technical capabilities and team work.


Same thing happened a few days later...this time the communication was even more evident, and the admins were publishing ongoing updates on the situation explaining that they were having a very strong DDOS attacks on their servers for the past few days but their are working on it and will resolve it soon…

(They also mentioned that whoever cant handle such stress probably shouldn't be trading in such markets and suggested everybody to take out their funds and never look back.)


And sure thing they did, after barely a few hours...once more the servers were safe and our funds were secure…


It was a smooth ride from there…


My profits kept compounding quite fast, i already made 3X on my investment after about 18 days trading on the platform, and after withdrawing the initial investment to my exodus...I was pretty much trading on profits…




So today was my 46 day arbitraging on L7.Trade, and I made my second withdrawal today, of additional 300$ or 0.0275 to be more precise...making my total withdrawals from the platform at just over 500$ (although it goes up and down with the recent price spikes)....





That alone puts my profits close to 300% from my initial investment…


But the amazing part is that i got over 2400$ more on my account, still trading…




Summing all my realized and yet to be realized profits together, ads up to just over 1700% profit….


Yes that's right ...1746.154% profit, in just over 46 days….



Now I gotta be honest, I am still not 100% sure of this can eventually turn out to be a scam, it can happen...there are no promises here.


But as I have already tripled my realized profits, and with all those successful recent recoveries and good team communication, I really don't mind giving it the benefit of a doubt and keep it running and incrementally realizing more profits as i go.


With my current investment and on my average returns, i am banking over 170$ every single day...and its growing with each and every re-investment…


I am currently making more on the platform per day, then I initially invested….


How crazy is that?!



If all goes magically well, and this platform turns out to be legit...everybody who have joined will see some marvelous profits, until the arbitrage opportunity will slowly diminish...turning the whole system to be less and less profitable, the same way as happened to mining.


So fellow crypto gatherers...if you have some spare coins that will not cost you your bread and water (sort of speaking), I do suggest you to check it out, you can start for as low as 50-60$ with some of the altcoins, or go with BTC at current minimum of about 220$...and if all goes well, you should be doubling on your investment at about 17-24 days…


And from there it's all profit…




So if your risk tolerance is up for it...go ahead and give it a try…not a financial or even a smart advice whatsoever...just and interesting opportunity.

I encourage you to make your own research and decide if it can be interesting to you..


But remember to never ever invest or otherwise “throw around” money that you cannot afford losing.





If you have any questions or would like to get some additional info I will be happy to answer in the comments...i did quite a bit of research on the matter :))

And if you do decide that L7.Trade can be something of interest to you, I would appreciate if you can sign up using my affiliate code.

That will give me a little boost to my profits with absolutely no cost to you.



And I do apologize in advance if you do end up signing up and the platform ends up crashing and burning the day after...nobody knows what will happen...for sure i don't..

But for now this platform was providing me with some very lucrative rewards....I hope it will for you too!


Thanks for your support,


See ya on the next update…


Happy Profits till then.




I will make sure to keep you posted on my earnings and share any new interesting (crazy?!) opportunities I might find, so stay tuned.


If you like this post, I'll be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas for other shady or legit investments.

Make sure to follow and cast your vote :)


I would like to finish with this quote:

“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1” – Warren Buffett



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