L7Trade - Day 26 Profits Update 📈 | CryptoHands - Day 7 Profits Update 💲💲💲 | Bitstadium - a new Adventure 😁

Good evening everybody, how is everybody doing today?

Wanted to give you a quick update on my shenanigans ;)


On my previous posts i have shared about two new platforms I recently joined to see what is it all about.


You are welcome to check them out here:

L7.Trade - SCAM OR NOT ❓❗️❓ - I Don't Know, so Let's Check it Out 🤘💸

10 Day Update on My Trading on L7Trade Platform 📉📈 - 1.31858726 LTC Deposited, How Much have I Made in 10 days?! 💰💰💰

Is it a Scam?! Is it a Ponzi?! Is it a 🔺 Pyramid Scheme?! 🔺- perhaps a Legit MLM? - Meet Cryptohands DAPP 🙌


I gotta admit, I am not a big favor of "investing" in such platforms in generally, as it is so easy to loose all your money...actually you dont even loose is, as in many cases it is simply stolen.


Cryptocurrency in itself is a risky investment , so adding shady investment channels on top of this is probably a recipe for disaster.


So most of my crypto assets are being utilized in the smartest way I can, I try to conclude throughout research on any altcoin I invest in and generally my strategy would be HODL'ling rather then going too crazy with day trading (had some tough experience with this...its not for me in this point).

But I do like to dedicate a small portion of my side earning to some, lets call them "experimental" (stupid?) investments that have great promises but often turn out to be just a waste of time (or even a loss).

But it helps me learn alot, and keep me up in the game...

As I cant possibly spread out my investment to all the possible options out there, those small experiment help me test many different investment opportunities on a small scale.

So I don't really mind loosing everything I put there, as it already serves its educational purpose, but often enough there are some pleasant surprises.


So lets dive in with some updates regarding my latest experiment:


L7-Trade - DAY 26


I had quite the adventure with this platform so far, and have already managed to switch 3 pairs of coins, in my short time arbitraging there.

So as I have mentioned in my first post about L7Trade, i have started out with just over 125 XML.

After trading only XML for the first week or so, ive been seeing some interesting gains and managed to profit over 17% on my initial investment - and thats in one week.


I then decide to risk it up a bit more and deposit additional 1.3 (+-) LTC and start arbitraging on LTC/USD pair, as well as the XML.




After a few days of trading both coins, L7Trade decided they will be raising the minimum on XML trading, and it will rise from 20 to 750 XML.

As I didnt had enough XML in the platform to keep trading both, so I decided to consolidate my coins and keep trading only LTC.


So after 21 total days of trading XML I have withdrawn 168.3105486 XML, starting with 125.6465353, making me 34% profit!




I decided to keep on going, and exchanged all the XML to LTC and sent it back to top up my LTC account.

So my total deposit summed up to about 1.44 LTC.



Its been 21 days since then...I kept trading LTC, with an average of 3-5 trades per day, each trade going for as low as 0.2% to some interesting trades getting be over 1.5% per trade.





And that my friends, is absolutely amazing...


I was actually averaging over 3% per day (my initial goal)...and my goal of 3X were getting faster then planned.


Its been 21 days since I have been trading LTC on L7Trade and so far I have made a whooping 97.2% profit on top of my investment, getting me 1.28 additional LTC.



I have started out with 1.4 LTC on the 23/07/19 and I ended up with 2.72884292 LTC on 11/08/19.

Interesting....isnt it?!


So whats happened since then?

Although I have already tested with withdrawing XML from the platform, and everything went through with no problem what so ever, I still wanted to see if I can do the same with a slightly bigger sum.

Also just about few days ago, when bitcoin started to act funny, I knew that there can probably be only 2 scenario's.

Either Bitcoin goes up and possibly breaks a few records, and in that case I should change my altcoins to bitcoins, or the bitcoin with go down to its lower resistance levels and in this case the altcoins will suffer, so in any case I should exchange my alts to bitcoin.

And as this specific experiment is not meant for a long run, and my main goal is high, exponential profit (on top of the whole educational part) I should concentrate on immediate gains.

So probably holding BTC for the shortest is probably better then ALTS.

So after 21 days I have decided to withdraw all my LTC, convert it to BTC and send it back to L7Trade.





The transaction passed without any issues, and after a few minutes i had my LTC (after fees) in my Exodus Wallet...safe and sound.



I then converted it all to BTC using the unfriendly Exodus conversion rates:




And Sent it back to L7Trade




So after converting my 2.72884292 LTC to 0.02042654 BTC my adventure continues...

Its been my seventh day of arbitraging with BTC/USD pair, after I already almost doubled my initial 130$ investment (it is lower now due to current fluctuations in the market) with trading LTC, I am getting very close to my goal of 3X before withdrawing my initial investment.

BTC pair looks very promising so far!


I managed to keep my daily average profit way above the 3% goal, reaching above 4.5% in some cases.

My initial 0.02042654 BTC have already been turned to 0.02439465 BTC.


That means I made 27.6% profit in 7 days....netting me a profit of 0.0056302 BTC, just about 60$ as we speak.



What can i tell you guys....its looks and sounds too good to be true, and there is constantly a voice in my head telling me that it probably is.

Its is absolutely unheard of getting over 3% daily return on your investment..unless you are Pablo Escobar.

But hey, I guess there are some interesting surprises in the Crypto-Space...

I can only hope that it continues that way and my profits still have a shiny future.


If you want to test out L7Trade, please be advised that the current minimum amount for investment is about 60-100$ depends in which pairs you decide to trade.

If you do decide to sign up after all, I will appreciate if you can do it via my referral link so I can get a little bonus, with no cost to you.


Now to my second update of another problematic platform :)

Cryptohands - DAY 7 (or something like that).




So in my latest post I have shared with you another one of my adventures...cryptohands..

Its been just about a week since I sent my innocent 0.05 ETH to some smart contract in hopes of one day getting it back.

Now don't get me wrong, I think the whole idea of participating in a scheme when somebody is absolutely ought to loose...be it soon or eventually...is probably a bit problematic..

But hey if its all fare and square and everybody knows exactly what they going into, it can be looked at as some kind of lottery...you buy a ticket for 0.05 ETH and you hope you get a nice ride, that perhaps, eventually will give you a bit more back.

So after sitting and waiting patiently for my referrals to come on their own..something that never happened, i decided to publish a few articles on the topic, on some of the platforms that i have been blogging on (including this one).

And guess what, as surprised as I was...a few days ago I have finally got my first referral...

And after checking my METAMASK I noticed that my precious 0.05 ETH was back home hanging out with some SHITCOINS I had lying around in that wallet..


And then a few hours later I got another one...




Checked out my wallet and my 0.05 ETH got a company and now its 0.1 ETH.




It happened immediately, with no intermediaries...thanks to the lovely smart contract..

So first of all, I want to thank those 2 brand new friends of mine for being so generous and using my referral link to sing up...



Second of all I want to make sure you guys know exactly what you got into...

You just sent me 0.05 ETH each...from your wallet to mine...and I thank you for that!

You might never get that money back...as this is a risky game, that somebody ought to loose one-day...and that somebody just might be you...

But you also might get your money back, just as I did...and be part of an interesting game that I am really looking forward to see how it ends, as for now DAPPRADAR currenty puts it on the 3'rd place of most popular DAPPS on the Ethereum blockchain...


Whats my plan?!

Well, I need one more crew member for my first circle, after that i will need to send 0.15 ETH back to my Upperlines in order to open my second circle, ore something like that... :)
Although that would mean risking my 100% profit but if i do get one more signup i will transfer it, you know...for the sake of the experiment :)

I will keep you posted!


If you decide that you would like to participate in Cryptohands,  I will appreciate if you can do it via my referral link and join my line :)



Now a time for a brief promo of my new "midnight-adventure" - or in other words, another "brain dead investment" :)

Meet Bitstadium.



What can be more legit looking then an offer like this? ;)

I mean, you can invest 600 BTC (not sure why you would be investing in such shady websites in the middle of the night, if you got 600 BTC, just over 6 million bucks, but thats not the point), and after 30 days you will get 4200 BTC back - slightly over 42 million US dollars :)))

This must be a legit investment opportunity :)

So what a sane, intelligent, investor would do?! ....You are absolutely right....invest 600 BTC in Bitstadium!




Just kidding guys...I dont have that kind of money, and if I would, Bitstadium would probably not even come up on my radar.


Seriously though, I decided to send the current minimum amount allowed of ** 0.00100000 BTC** on the first day - about 10$.



The plan promises 10% daily return on investment....forever....lol even writing it makes me laugh...


But there is a catch (on top of the huge elephant in the room -> 10% daily?!?! forever?!?! ), you dont get to take your initial investment back...that stays in the system.

But if they hold on for a while, i could get my money back in 10 days.

I was 70% sure that my transfer would never reach its destination, and it will probably go straight to some hackers wallet...

But to my surprise after logging in the day after, i had 10% profit waiting in my account...



A quick "withdraw" action - that by the way had 0 fees...and I got my 0.0001 BTC back in my exodus walled (+-1$) -> 10 % earned, as promised...a day after 0.0001 BTC more...a day after 0.0001 BTC more...







I had some change BTC lying around in one of my exodus wallets, that i just got from one of my other transactions...so i decide to double up on my initial investment of 0.001 BTC and top if up with additional 0.00105955 BTC, making my total investment in this enigmatic platform at 0.00205955 BTC - currently about 22$.



I am not going to dive here into what this platform is all about...cause frankly I have no idea...

Where is my money comes from? how is it being generated? honestly...IDK :)

But its been 5 days since my initial investment, and I have already withdrawn 0.00071786 BTC - thats an average of 34% return on investment in 5 days.







If they keep paying me up I would get all my money back in just over 6 days and then pure profit :)



All my withdrawals so far reached my Exodus, so that is a good sign.



But don't be fooled by it, most of the more elaborated scams out there used to pay for a while...the problem starts when they suddenly stop!

So perhaps, if you fast enough, you can sign up and get some nice returns before it shuts down...and trust me eventually it will, nothing pays you 10% forever :)

Personally I am withdrawing all of the profits until I will recoup all my money back and only then i will start reinvesting...



If you decide that you would like to check out Bitstadium and perhaps throw a few coins in,  I will appreciate if you can do it via my referral link so I can earn a little bonus with no cost to you.

Thats it for today...


Please remember to only invest money you can afford loosing, and never ever look at blogs like this as a financial advice.

I will make sure to keep you posted on my earnings on those 3 platforms and share any new interesting (crazy?!) opportunities I might find, so stay tuned.


If you like this post, I'll be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas for other shady or legit investments.

Make sure to follow and cast your vote :)


I would like to finish with this quote:

“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1” – Warren Buffett






If you Liked my post and feeling generous, Crypto-Tips are always welcome :) (wink wink)

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