Game On: This Blockchain is the Ultimate Playground for Crypto Enthusiasts and Gamers

0b3dd58ddeffaebaeafc619d6452f25261a7e9f0b544675007c9871cc87b5097.jpgHello, Crypto enthusiasts! Are you familiar with the WAX network? If not, you're overlooking a world of thrilling gaming experiences and a vibrant community. WAX is an NFT-friendly blockchain platform that is rapidly becoming a hub for some seriously impressive gaming brands. Are you a gaming enthusiast who also loves to collect? WAX has got your needs covered. Follow the WAX team on Twitter here.

This platform features some of the most iconic brands, including Topps' first-ever MLB Baseball Cards released on 4/20/2021, and Garbage Pail Kids OS1, which sold out within approximately 24 hours of its sale starting. Capcom's Street Fighter series has also found its way onto the platform, gaining massive success in the pack sales. Even Funko has joined the WAX action pumping out collections like crazy and collectors are pouring in! In essence, WAX is a treasure trove for gamers and collectors alike!


To top it off, legendary game developers:

Graeme Devine is an influential figure in the world of computer game design and programming, boasting an impressive portfolio of groundbreaking work. He is best known for co-founding Trilobyte, a leading game development company.

Under Trilobyte, Devine spearheaded the creation of the iconic games 'The 7th Guest' and 'The 11th Hour'. These games showcased his imaginative storytelling and innovative gameplay designs, helping shape the evolution of the gaming industry.

In addition to his success with Trilobyte, Devine's talent also extended to his contribution to id Software's 'Quake III Arena', a game that is widely recognized in the gaming community for its fast-paced, competitive multiplayer focus. His involvement in this project further demonstrated his versatility as a game designer.

Beyond his achievements in game development, Devine has also played a significant role in advancing the gaming industry at a broader level. He served as the Chairman of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) from 2002 to 2003. In this role, he was instrumental in promoting and supporting the interests of game developers worldwide, further establishing his legacy in the industry.

Graeme Devine        Andy Lanning

The WAX blockchain has captivated the attention of world-class artists like Andy Lanning, who is a renowned English comic book writer and inker celebrated for his influential work with Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Lanning's impactful contributions in the comic book realm, alongside his long-term collaborator Dan Abnett, include the co-creation of the 'Resurrection Man' character, the successful relaunch of DC's 'Legion of Super-Heroes', and the genesis of a popular Nova series that ultimately led to the formation of the new 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. His recent work includes a collaboration on the nine-issue DC Comics crossover storyline 'Endless Winter' in 2020.

Together with Graeme Devine and a carefully selected team of industry professionals, Lanning has formed QXR Studios, further solidifying WAX's position as a hub for exceptional creative talent.


Yes, the dude who gave us Guardians of the Galaxy and the guy behind Halo Wars have teamed up for the most entertaining game on the WAX platform. Seriously, this game is a blast, and it's yours to play for free! 




WAX is transforming the art world with its user-friendly platform. It provides a straightforward process for independent artists to shape, create, and set up their virtual stores in no time. With WAX's tools at their disposal, artists have the means not just to survive, but to truly prosper. Breaking away from the traditional notion that artists gain fame only posthumously, WAX is revitalizing the art scene by enabling artists to receive recognition and success while still alive. This innovative platform is indeed shaping the future trajectory of the art industry! My favorite independent artist on wax is Byron - Go support him by admiring his collection. If you see something you like, grab it!  


Let's take a quick tour. Ever played a round of Blockchain Brawlers? This spicy trading card game by Tyranno Studios is making waves in the play-to-earn scene. It clocked a stunning $357 mil trading volume in just a week of its beta launch! What's the secret sauce? The game's fast and secure transactions – powered by WAX – let you get your gear and dive into brawling in no time. And let's not forget about the epic BRWL rewards you earn from those battles. Wait, there's more! Richard Garfield, the genius behind Magic: The Gathering, is also building the game. Now, if that doesn't scream "WAX is the place to be," I don't know what does.5c0b394c1f11fb97908aefab6eaed5830fb8259d925c09a3586b6aedfffb4acd.png

The cherry on top? The WAX network has a cool feature for those staking and voting for block producers – you can claim WAX rewards every 24 hours. Who doesn't love getting some extra crypto just for being an active part of a vibrant community?bb4bb5e6710491e9da1bd1886a37cd578bcef7212322f4d159dc4e134c340c11.png

So, if you're looking for a good time gaming and love being part of a kick-ass community with some juicy rewards built into the network, get yourself on WAX. Dive into Metropolis Origins or throw some punches in Blockchain Brawlers. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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