Dice or Keno

Dice or Keno

By NosCha | Collect Free Crypto | 1 Jan 2021

Just would like to share on the method that I have been using to increase my daily earning from BetFury. Personally this is what I have been doing daily, mining those BFG BTC which is use to stake so I can get more daily dividends/payouts. I have made a short video only on the DICE game, while KENO game is pretty much self explanatory.

The video on the BetFury DICE game. Drag the slider till either 32 (ROLL UNDER) or 67 (ROLL OVER). Choose your bet amount but since I only rely on free satoshi, I only wager 0.00000001. Set "STOP ON PROFIT" to whatever amount you want to win. Do note that the more you wish to win, the higher chance for it to bust. For this I usually set it as 0.00000100 or 0.00000200. Set "STOP ON LOSS" to whatever amount you can afford to lose. For me, I set this to the same amount 0.00000100 or 0.00000200. Reason for setting this amount is depend on how much daily payout + free box collection I will be able to collect back on the loses. So if I lose 100 or 200 satoshi, I can easily recover with my daily payout of 80 satoshi + collect a few times from the free box. Lastly remember to set "ON LOSS" to increase your wager by 51%. Then "START" and let it roll.

I use this method with TRX as well but with a starting wager of 0.00000050 since my TRX balance is much more. Please note this is not a sure win method but it helps for me to push up my balance to be able to withdraw. 0.1 TRX is the minimum amount that you need to have. I did lose about 0.2 TRX once so please be aware that you will have chance to lose all if you run it too long. Don't be too greedy I would say. 

For the record, I did not deposit any BTC at all and started off when BetFury was still offering the 25 satoshi per 20 mins free box. It has now been reduced to 10 satoshi per 20 mins free box. The balance that I have now is only 572 satoshi because I have bought promotional boxes that offers interest on them. Currently I'm holding "Grinch" & "Aqua" boxes which will gives me 11,000 satoshi & 8,250 satoshi respectively when it is due after 30 days.

I used to have about 440 BFG BTC but I made a mistake trying to increase it by wagering it in Hi-Lo game. Took me two games to lose it all. Do not make the same mistake that I did. Now I have to slowly mine those BFG BTC tokens back. Currently I'm now back to 177 BFG BTC which gives me a daily payout 80 satoshi or lesser depending on the BTC pool. Even if I don't have time to collect any satoshi from the 20 minutes free box, I will get this daily payout every day. 


This below screenshot is my current level which is only about 44.5% till rank 2. I still continue to play games daily so I can get to rank 2. To get to rank 2, I would need to have WAGER a total of 0.1 BTC. Main reason that I'm trying to go up in rank is so I will have a chance to play the Lucky Spin which is only for rank 2 BetFury users. Besides playing to increase rank, I will also get more BFG BTC at the same time.


By the way, this is proof of payment of TRX from BetFury to my wallet. So far I only managed to withdraw 0.6 TRX  because I had played away 0.2 TRX. So for now I'm only concentrating on collecting the daily payout and keep on mining BFG BTC. I will update again when I have reach another level. I do alternate in between playing with BTC & TRX so I can collect mine both BFG tokens


Another method that I used by playing the Keno games. I have a set of favorite numbers and use the same numbers each time. I select "Low" risk with a wager of 0.00000001 BTC. I let it run overnight to mine for BFG BTC till I wake up. With this method, I can get roughly about 2 BFG BTC. My BTC balance doesn't increase but so far running this method will lose about 200-300 satoshi which is fine since I can get it covered with my daily payout. 

Feel free to use these methods and let me know how it works for you. If you would rather not wait so long, you can always purchase and deposit BTC to mine faster. The more BFG BTC you have, the higher daily payout you will get. Keep on playing Furians for the BFG BTC and remember that the house always win so play with care.

Happy New Year 2021!


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