📲New rewards in knight Story.🎮🕹

📲New rewards in knight Story.🎮🕹

By Klo | collaborative economy | 18 May 2020

    Knight story update.

A few weeks ago I installed the game and I am hooked, I love the role, I am a fan of the entire Diablo saga, I II and III, we have the IV in the oven ...

I share this important update of Knight Story, they have added a clan system, and there are rewards in ETH and TRX, I play in TRX, if you download and play for 5 days in a row you can go claiming game items daily, and in the last day you have a few TRX waiting. RE1A00 Is my invitation code in case you want to use it.
I leave the update here so you can see the rewards.

Boss Dungeon Rule Change
🔸Period- 14days 🔸Number of boss material drop will be increased day by day
🔸Day1 -1x, Day2- 1.05x, Day3- 1.1x, Day4- 1.15x...  Day14-1.65x
🔸ETH reward- 1st 0.212 eth, 2nd 0.177eth, 3rd 0.141eth 4~10th 0.106eth, 11~30th 0.053eth, 31~100 350 Magic bean 🔸TRX reward- 1 2521trx, 2nd 2101trx, 3rd 1681trx, 4~10 1261trx, 11~30 630trx, 31~100 350 Magic bean 🔸1st winners of the eth/trx league will get pet figure
🔸Boss Statue max level has gone up from 9 to 10   Clan battle beta test open

🔸The beta test will ron for a month 🔸Everyone can join the beta test after app. update
🔸All the beta data will be destroyed at the end of the test
🔸During the test, all winning clan member can get 1,000 magic water per 1 win. 


Now my impressions about the game

I have completed the day mode, at first it seems very dense and boring, because the dynamics of the game is to make your armor bigger and bigger, and for this you need to have two armor, and then 4 armor, for level 2 and 8 armor for level 3 and 16 armor for level 4 ... and so (with other numbers) it works for everything the same, to make improvements to your equipment, weapons, pets, armor ... and in the city to improve the buildings that give you health, luck, attack, defense ... the same.
Now I am fighting with my 3 knights in the night phase and I have noticed a lot of improvement in the item drop, the game is entertaining and does not take long.
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