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Elliot + Fibo technical analysis BTC

By Klo | collaborative economy | 10 May 2020


I bring you the latest analysis, and the most general analysis a few hours after halving. I think this was coming, I placed the price of Bitcoin at 8400 last week, when its price was close to 10000. The graph clearly shows what the situation is, it does not take many more explanations.
The 1500 candle, red that yesterday at 02:00 a.m. was sure to cut many heads, I hope you are in profit and that you catch the movement if you were awake and watching the price.
Right now I see with great caution and very risky entering the market. On the 4h chart it bounced off the MA200 and at 8147 it made ground. I think we will have a good 2020 year and a very good 202 year.
Miners have to look for liquidity to finance another 4 years of mining, so in this year 2020 it will go up, 2021 will go up even more, 2022 stable with some vertigo sales and in 2023 and 2024 Bitcoin will seek its real price for that moment.
We know that the real price of Bitcoin is around 8k although many languages ​​say that its price is 12k.
We have seen how on 3 occasions we have been rejected in the 10k, now we are going for the fourth time with more strength, decision and confidence.




This is not an investment advice, it is only my analysis, I do not recommend that you trust my projection since I am not a financial advisor.

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