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By GROUNDx | collaborative economy | 15 Apr 2020




In this article I am going to share interesting links to navigate the deepweb. Let's find the ligth side of this navigation mode.
Almost all the people who browse publish0x know the strongest and hairiest browser, but if you are reading this article and you do not know it here, I leave you the link to install it and start enjoying browsing without ads, and earning money, plus many good things that it has, such as entering the TOR network and browsing unusual sites. BRAVE
For you to enjoy its use I am going to leave you a few interesting links.

Search engines

  • DUCKDUCKGO Popular search engine, this is the .onion version
  • The Hidden Wiki One of the main indexes to find other pages of interest in the TOR network, this website is not censored since it has several versions.
  • Torch This search engine keeps advertising, says it has indexed 1.3Million websites
  • Not Evil Only find websites that are on the deep web

Online communities

  • Facebook The well-known social network in its .onion version
  • Hidden Answers Ask what you want and you will be answered
  • Mail2TOR An anonymous email service to send or receive messages while maintaining privacy
  • Elbonario web of security 


Money and cryptocurrencies

  • Hidden Wallet A hidden and anonymous wallet in which to store our bitcoins.
  • OnionWallet Another hidden wallet that offers secure, encrypted and offline storage, which protects our funds with a PIN code, anonymous registration and a simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Shadow walletSecure storage, easy to use user interface, anonymous registration and a commission of only 0.001 bitcoin per operation. This is another of the several virtual purses on the Deep Web.


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