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By CoinW Exchange | CoinW Exchange | 10 May 2022

USDD(Decentralized USD(TRX)) Project Analysis

1.Institute Short Review

USDD is a stable coin issued by TRON , released on May 5, the current Lp trading of usdd and usdt fluctuates around 25%-30% against APY. usdd protocol runs on the TRON network, TRX is both the native token of the TRON network and the most direct defense against USDD price fluctuations, the USDD protocol will use TRX for USDD pricing. Nowadays, the overall market trend is weak, suitable stable coin finance is needed by the market, wave field itself has a certain influence, plus it is currently the largest blockchain network in the world usdt, worthy of attention.

2. Recent breaking point

Pledge mining is online, and APY gains are high.

3. Project introduction

The development of stable coin USDT has gone through the “1.0 era” mainly with Omni chain USDT and “2.0 era” mainly with TRON USDT, then the problem of decentralization has not been properly solved during this period, and it is still stuck in a situation where the redemption is managed and managed by a centralized institution. The problem of decentralization has not been properly solved during this period, but is still left to the centralized institutions for redemption management and reserves. Therefore, TRON believes that the USDD issued by it can truly realize the decentralization of the stable coin through mathematics and algorithms, and the stable coin itself will no longer depend on the centralized institution, and can be completely decentralized on the chain, and the USDD protocol will rely on the decentralized price prediction machine to know the real price and keep the exchange rate stable with the USDT.

4. Token role

USDD and USDT value anchoring, to help the construction of the wave field ecology.

5. Investment institutions

alameda research

6. Project outlook

USDD will solve short-term price fluctuations and resist cyclical price risks through a flexible monetary policy and melting mechanism, helping users to protect themselves from crypto market fluctuations and achieve individual financial preservation and growth in an uncertain global environment. According to the plan, TRON DAO “Central Bank” will act as the initial custodian to maintain the USDD authority of TRON decentralized stable coin, and guarantee the exchange rate stability of USDD with reserve financial assets, and ensure the decentralization of USDD. TRON expects to launch a USDD decentralized network test network in October this year to provide a market for USDD decentralized minting, exchange, and destruction, and at that time, the minting authority will also be fully handed over to TRON network. It is expected that the main USDD network will be officially launched online before the end of the year, which is worthy of long-term attention.

Basic Information

Project Description

Token Name: USDD

Project website:

Block Query.

Project Details: USDD is a cryptocurrency issued by the TRON DAO Reserve with a stable price and a variety of use cases. It will have a built-in incentive mechanism and corresponding monetary policy, which will allow the US dollar to stabilize itself during any price fluctuations and help consolidate the value of the US dollar as a true settlement currency.

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