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By CoinSteps | Crypto - Guides | 17 Jan 2021

The Non-Fungible Tokens market grew up rapidly last year, and as this market evolves, more and more innovative applications and platforms will show up. One of those is the TokenHead, a newly released mobile NFT portfolio app.

It is very possible that you already possess some NFTs. But how do you track and showcase them? Is that even possible? With the TokenHead app, that's a piece of cake!

TokenHead is powered by WAX, the best virtual item blockchain in the world, developed specifically for NFTs.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately it has not been announced yet if there are plans for a desktop version, but I think that it would be really helpful if it could be developed.

Using the app on your phone, is pretty easy and you only need to add your WAX account. There is also the possibility to have multiple accounts stored.

In the homepage of the TokenHead app, you can track each one of your account, and the value of it.


When you click into your account, you can find the synopsis of what you hold into your account. At the top you will see your WAX account, and below that, each of your collections seperately.

All the NFTs appear in a presentable manner, displaying the value of all of your assets and the value of each collection in both USD and WAX price.



TokenHead is your mobile gateway to the digital asset NFT world where you can browse all your virtual items easily and quickly.

The mobile app was designed for collectors and created with simplicity in mind. Enter your public WAX account name and your NFT collection will be value-tracked and browseable.

Some of the current features:

  • Browse digital assets including Garbage Pail Kids, KOGs, and many more.
  • Filter items by category, rarity, quality, etc.
  • Quickly display gaps in your collection with our advanced tools.
  • Show off rare items by easily sharing them with friends.
  • Track the value of your collections with up to the minute pricing data.

Expecting to see more features added in upcoming updates!



These projects are active on Publish0x and you should check them if you are interested for free NFTs!

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