Taylor Swift To Headline Bitcoin Confrence 2024 'Sound Money Fest' In Hometown Nashville: Fact Check, is it true?

Swifties Will Cry Like Babies If There's No Taylor In Nashville Bitcoin Conference 2024

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 24 Feb 2024

I can't recall, I've ever been so intimidated by something like this in my entire lifetime. So, let me just summarise what caused me such achievement under my belt. As usual, I was scrolling through recent news about Bitcoin on Google. To my disbelief, I came accross a news that was promising 'Swift appearing in Bitcoin Confrence' at her hometown in 2024. I clicked the news, read it entirely and believed it for a few minutes. I believed in the news mostly because the words and sentences bore an utmost professionalism. is the best platform where they publish fake news in an effort to rejoice everone

However, after I was out of my relative illusionism, I started searching for the same on internet and  all I could find were a few links that described it as joke and fakery at its best. 

You can call me a stupid for believing in such fake news even if it was for a few minutes. But what thrilled me much more was the 'discovery of an entirely different type of media that prevails with 'fake and trick' news. I ain't saying faking anything is good but when faking is done with a prior acknowledgement is no crime anywhere. 

Let me unveil it for you if you still haven't clicked on the reference link for the fake news platform. is btw the domain name which by no means would suggest to a fake news platform. Also when you open the homepage, you would not recognise it being funny. The headings and a little description underneath are suggestive of some professional writings. However once you start reading and by the time you finish any article, be ready to inhale a dose of confusion and sarcasm. 

As now you also know the platform, you can enjoy it yourself. If you like it you can thank me later. 

In another article on the site, they quite smartly rob our attention. The title of the post goes like 'Canada Announces 'Amnesty' Day Allowing Bitcoin Miners to Surrender ASICs, 'No Questions Asked' In Effort to Combat Intentional Climate Change'. Do you find any misleading information in the title? Let me tell you another title from, 'Joe Biden Becomes Laser Eyed Podcaster, Joins #FixTheFilters Movement'. Wouldn't you mind reading it? 

Now let's turn a little backwards from where we started this post. Yes, from Taylor Swift's arriving on Bitcoin podium. TBH, I ain't a swifty at all but I would not hesitate to recommend her for occassions like Nashville Bitcoin Confrence 2024. After all she can bring in all the swifties and  the estimate number of attendees for Bitcoin would break all the records. Wouldn't that be great despite the fact that 'Swifties' won't bother to stay even for a second after her performance is over.

Nevertheless, when CR can be with Binance for quite some time now, we should also let Taylor Swift concert happen in Bitcoin conference 2024. Why not make it a 'Bitcoin Swift Conference'? I am only worried about 'swifties crying like babies' if there's no Taylor performing in Nashville between July 25 to 27. 

At last I just want to say that the stories published on Bugle might contradict with the facts, they are highly thoughtful and creative. Who would deny that a Swift appearance in Nashville Bitcoin Confrence won't give Bitcoin an edge in terms of widening it's popularity. Also it would be a V4V (Value for Value) for Taylor Swift as Bitcoin is already more popular than She. 

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