Price prediction and future prospects of chainlink

CHAINLINK: Rendering A Missing Link between off chain and on chain data; Analysis and Price Prediction

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 21 Jul 2023

Whether you're a blockchain enthusiast or just curious about the next big thing in crypto, Chainlink deserves your attention. The potential for this coin is huge, and the price of the LINK token has already seen gains recently. But the best is yet to come. If you aren't aware, 'Chainlink is poised to solve one of the biggest problems aka 'the oracle problem' that is holding back mainstream blockchain adoption. 

Think of Chainlink as the bridge between the blockchain world and the real world. Blockchains are great at securely storing data, but they can't connect to data and systems outside their network. That's where Chainlink comes in. They build oracle networks that can retrieve data from any API and feed it directly into blockchains.

What Is Chainlink and Why It Matters

Chainlink is a decentralized Layer 2 oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on blockchains. It connects blockchain networks to APIs, data feeds, and traditional bank payments. In other words, it brings off-chain data on-chain so that smart contracts can use real-world information to trigger automated actions.

Why does this matter? Because blockchains and smart contracts can't access data outside their network on their own. They need an oracle to act as a bridge. Chainlink provides a secure middleware to verify data and connect blockchains to the outside world.

For example, a smart contract could use Chainlink to get stock market data to execute a trade or trigger an insurance payout.

Major Chainlink Partners: The Big Names 


Apart from its partnership with many other blockchain projects like Matic, Tezos,  IOST etc, CHAINLINK has been able to partner with some of the big names of current tech market like Google Cloud, Swift, Intel and Oracle. The list of partnership is very long and if you want to read it, here's the link:

CHAINLINK Partners and Projects

Recent Developments:

Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) is the most recent development on Chainlink. It aims to empower Devs in a way that they can be able to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another, Build Web3 games with opponents playing on different chains, enable usernames across the cross-chain ecosystem and establish cross-chain lending markets. 

Chainlink Price Prediction:

As of now Chainlink price are about $8 mark and it is sitting well  on the 22nd place on the market cap. Link has gained nearly 50% in the last 30 days and verall 20% within a year from now. This makes Chainlink stand apart as it has gained even in the bear market when every other major crypto has declined in prices. Take a look at Coingecko Chainlink Ticker for reference:

If Chainlink continues expanding at its current pace, LINK could easily reach $20-$25 in 2023. As Chainlink oracles with the upgrade of CCIP are implemented into more DeFi apps and platforms, the demand for LINK will rise.

CHAINLINK (Link) Price Prediction for 2024

Next year Chainlink could become an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem. Oracles will empower the majority of DeFi apps, gaming platforms, insurance providers, and more, LINK would likely be $50-$100 per token.

CHAINLINK (Link) Price Prediction for 2025

As blockchain mainstream adoption accelerates, Chainlink and LINK would benefit greatly. As per our analysis the total crypto market cap will probably be over $5trillion in 2025, so Chainlink reaching a $20 billion market cap is reasonable. The prices would definitely reach anywhere between $100 to $300

Overall Chainlink is ever developing project with a real-world use case and no real competition. The future of Chainlink is bright and because of its use cases it will stay as long as the blockchain itself.

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