Bitcoin and the tokenization of the world. Am Holistic overview of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Won't Be Enough For The Holistic Tokenization

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 29 Nov 2023

I am writing this post in continuation to one of my previous posts where I have made it clear that Bitcoin, Altcoins and even Shitcoins are all necessary for the evolution of crypto. You can read it here- An Unbiased Eye For Bitcoin, Altcoins And Shitcoins is What We Need. In this article we'll understand why Bitcoin alone won't be enough to tokenize the entire humanity.

For this, let's first understand what is holistic tokenization. We all know that the digitalization of currency has not happened at the speed with which humanity has adopted digital technologies in the last two decades. Perhaps this is not possible because the currency is something where everyone  becomes a participant, no matter which class he belongs to, poor or rich, educated or educated, farmer or industrialist an so on. 

Tokenization is now what can bring digital currencies closer to everyone

However, the opportunity for digitalization of currency came before us when Satoshi introduced Bitcoin to the world. With Bitcoin came an opportunity to teach the humanity how money can be stored in digital form with value. Yes, you can say that banks also have our money stored digitally. But can you confirm that those digits have any value? Bitcoin's every digit has a value and this completely changed the thought of how money can't be values digitally. 

Now, as time progressed, Bitcoin spread its wings and humanity began to understand the value in computerized digits. Not only new codes came out, for different utilities, we had different digital currencies as well. All of this created a holistic approach towards tokenization. It had Bitcoin but others like Ethereum and Dogecoin were significant as well. 

A heavy inclination towards Bitcoin has brought us to a point where we may discard other options even without valid reasons. We have been doing so for a long time now. Bitcoin's dominance confirms this to a great extent. But, isn't this dominance due to your prejudice? Or, are you assuming that ultimately only Bitcoin will survive and the rest of the coins will die?

Every coin and token is important for the adoption of digital currencies globally

Nothing will ever change without making a march together. Let's give an equal chance to everyone. Let Bitcoin be where it is now, but welcome other projects with warmth. It's also true that Bitcoin now won't be as much profitable as it had been previously. The reason is simply its huge market cap. If you are looking at 100x in the next bull run, you should better be eying at some small cap emerging projects with better utility. If you're looking at 1000x gains, sorry brother but noone can suggest you one. 

For the next bull run, what shall be the biggest in terms of achieving 'holistic tokenization', it will be interesting to see which of the institutions take lead in it. Blackrock and Grayscale are sure to speed up  crypto adoption. And with that adoption and mainstream inflows, isn't it the time when you decide what's gonna be your favourite choice among Bitcoin, altcoins and shitcoins. 

To be honest, Bitcoin won't be enough to realise everyone's dreams. This is because different people watch different dreams. I dream for a Lambo next year and have $5k savings, another one desires a home and has $1 million. There is a huge difference in the assumptions. The same way, a person who is already rich would be satisfied with even 2x in a year. But what about the dreams of millions of people who only have a few hundred bucks but they want a shot at the moon. This is where shitcoins and new coins come into play. Another Cardano or Shiba or Doge may be in the making for the bull run. 

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