Last articles - what you must not miss #8

In December I published less than 10 posts, but I tried to increase the quality. Research and in-depth study are the basis of what I write and I hope it will be appreciated by readers. In particular, I have tried to publish simple and readable guides even by those who have not been in the crypto world for a long time. Looking at the statistics and comparing them with the previous month, I realize that perhaps this is the right way!



I leave you a summary of what I wrote in the last month of the year:

Are You Capable of Making Money with DeFi?

Is the S2F Model Still Valid? A Quick Analysis

How to Buy an NFT Domain with $20

What happens now??

Airdrops - How to Participate (and get Free Money)

Bitcoin Vs Gold, A Simple Comparison

Coinmarketcap earn: $NEAR - Quiz Answers


Finally, the summary of my mistakes with cryptocurrencies in 2021, an article written to help everyone.

My 5 Best Mistakes with Cryptocurrencies of 2021



Next Articles:

  • How many BTCs are left "for sale"?
  • How to ....(?)

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