Coinmarketcap earn: $NEAR - Quiz Answers

The famous Coinmarketcap platform often publishes campaigns where those who watch videos and answer simple quizzes with a certain token. This serves to educate more and more people about what cryptocurrencies are and thus increase mass adoption. This time Coinmarketcap offers the quiz related to Near Protocol ($NEAR).


To receive the airdrop you need to hurry, before stocks run out. (A profile on Coinmarketcap is required, if you don't have it you can do it from this link).

1. You have to connect to THIS site and click on "take the quiz".

2. Then you will be asked for your email address with which you are registered on Coinmarketcap and your Binance user ID.

3. Finally, some simple questions to which you will find answers below:

  • All of above 
  • Proof of stake
  • Climate neutral product label
  • All of above 
  • All of above 
  • It allows NEAR transfers to be accessible on Ethereum
  • Connect The near and Ethereum blockchains
  • 2nd
    (Aurora is an EVM built on the NEAR Protocol and allows Ethereum developers to take
    advantage of NEAR's super-fast, loW-cast, and infinitely scalable blockchain.)


(Always DYOR before taking the quiz!


4. Subsequently you have to add the coin to your watchlist, make it public, copy the link and paste it on the box.

5. At the end you have to create a wallet at and paste account ID. 




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