How Boring is it to talk to a No-Coiner?

Have you ever noticed how since cryptocurrencies entered your life then they never came out? I would like to know someone who has met Bitcoin and is now living as they did before..just to ask them how they do it. Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology and cryptocurrencies in general offer possibilities that are not even comparable with traditional finance. I must admit that, as far as I'm concerned, there is no day when I don't check my wallet or the trend of the main cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap. Not to mention the tips on Publish0x, the trades on Binance or the performance of the countless DeFi pools. I wonder: am I the only one who behaves like this? Recently, in talking to others of my kind, I discovered that I am not the only one. The fulcrum of everything seems to be just that: speaking. Talking to those who don't know what a cryptocurrency is is often boring. No-Coiners talk to each other about uninteresting things and often ask themselves "How are you?" instead of "Have you seen the performance of BTC/USDT?".


This form of communication appears to be devoid of content in the eyes of a cryptocurrency holder. Despite this, the current world allows the coexistence of both species in harmony, even if the holders are eager to introduce the "orange pill" (= Bitcoin) to the No-Coiners.


What do you think about it? Who was "Orangepilled" and who was not?




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