Summary of the top 50 coins

By Austras | Crypto in focus | 4 Sep 2021

Here I'll summarize and go over the main use cases and how these coins/tokens operate. I did the effort of digging through info to summarize them so you don't have to. But do DYOR if you plan on investing any of these coins/tokens.

Top 51-100 coins here

Updated 2022-02-09

1. Bitcoin219e64fc67f1f1ed6118c5ea8776b852e38f53d7bc7031a2ab88f3e809a4c392.png

  • Summary: World's first bitcoin used to transfer funds without the need for a central body
  • Function: Transfer of funds , digital gold
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-work (SHA-256)
  • Uniqueness: Ranked number one with the highest marketcap and the oldest
  • Pros: Survived the test of time, oldest and safest, dominates the crypto marketcap at 40%
  • Cons: Older, expensive, slow

2. Ethereuma7a0da09e1ce90e5f1b1ea6162470c0c6540ea6951ea91761e15b1119f57821b.png

  • Summary: The first blockchain to host smart contracts which allows other coins to be built upon the same network
  • Function: Pay for gas fees and host smart contracts for Dapps
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-work (Ethash), migrating to Proof-of-stake
  • Uniqueness: Second biggest crypto and the first host of smart contracts
  • Pros: Has been around for a long time, has promising upgrades coming in the future
  • Cons: High transfer costs, "slow" transfers

3. Tetherdce404779d18ea642c54547327fd58359a849ada7d6ed8c3af151f44a9c2dcaf.png

  • Summary: The world's largest stablecoin that is controlled by a central body called Bitfinex
  • Function: Trading, transactions and storage of value
  • Network: ERC-20 (& several others)
  • Protocol: none/no consensus 
  • Uniqueness: The largest stablecoin
  • Pros: Has had a steady value pegged to the dollar, well adopted
  • Cons: Centralized, no protocol, no peg verification, can manipulate marketprice

4. Binance coin513f1455ec9a5ba872e1180119ae5f0afebab646ab9b83c69440d18d3b4d0cb0.png

  • Summary: Binance exchange's native coin that hosts a colorful smart contract network
  • Function: Pay gas fees and host smart contracts on its network
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-stake (Tendermint)
  • Uniqueness: A better version of Ethereum that has an active network of tokens
  • Pros: Good use cases, cheap transfer cost, inflationary
  • Cons: Fairly centralized, hosts a lot of scam tokens

5. USD-coin5c10689a9cd83fc8ad1b951d9b6d7f224df907994b89e4790b44cbd4eaeeb049.png

  • Summary: A dollar backed coin created by Coinbase
  • Function: Trades and transfers
  • Network: ERC-20 (& several others)
  • Protocol: None
  • Uniqueness: A strong stablecoin that doesn't have the issues dragging Tether down
  • Pros: Backed and pegged by Coinbase, verified peg backing, well adopted
  • Cons: Centralized

6. Ripple47d49ac48c48a8901a581edf4f8d9a309527d3bd56f6b525d1592cd5d046cf2e.png

  • Summary: XRP exists to provide a gateway for banks into crypto
  • Function: Transactions, settlement between banks
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Ripple consensus protocol algorithm (RCPA, this is nodes ran by banks)
  • Uniqueness: Has a strong and active use for allowing bank settlements at much greater speeds.
  • Pros: Clear and strong use case
  • Cons: Fairly centralized, the protocol is hosted by banks

7. Cardano9e44e54c48382dde1a1a7ffd8d8768b1cb051a713104acdbc80f163f66d1c28f.png

  • Summary: A staking coin with big plans to enable the next generation Dapps
  • Function: Allow transfer of fees and staking, in near future also host smart contracts
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-stake (Ouroboros)
  • Uniqueness: One of the first PoS coins 
  • Pros: Has big updates coming in the near future, low transfer fee
  • Cons: Has strong competitors, taken time before any real use

8. Solanae5721ef7bd05455ed2f842ea2f66fd7715b56cea319d819187907838300618ac.png

  • Summary: A strong smart contract coin which tackles the issue of networks growing too large
  • Function: Smart contracts, staking and paying for transaction fees
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-stake & Proof-of-history
  • Uniqueness: Is a solid network that scales really well with more nodes thanks to its protocols
  • Pros: Scales much better than most networks, unique PoH protocol
  • Cons: Has transparency issues, partly centralized

9. Terra6c6611b39d8ff91e082f758855e8e47e3d4f318676ce14aba85e73f64367d8cc.png

  • Summary: A protocol that runs on several blockchains which mints stablecoins in exchange for Terra
  • Function: Interoperability, issue stablecoins, 
  • Network: Native/Several
  • Protocol: Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (Tendermint)
  • Uniqueness: Is one of the largest stablecoin issuer and works on several blockchains
  • Pros: Very lucrative at generating transaction fees, hosts the highest non-usd pegged stablecoin
  • Cons: Uses DPoS

10. Avalanched0dac5c7dc2f32b02194856ab8f754034afead8d3d1f2160f62165ca0cb3e138.png

  • Summary: A smart contract solution currently is testing its mainnet
  • Function: Smart contracts, fees, 
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake (Avalanche)
  • Uniqueness: Smart contracts hosted works more similarily to a virtual machine, possible big upgrade if the chain works.
  • Pros: Easy interoperability, huge TPS, possible infinite scaling
  • Cons: Experimental, no self funding

11. Polkadot42d6d510da85527b104a9893e53f60eb9ff4b25336041532dadf8d5494e32cf9.png

  • Summary: Allows different blockchains to operate together and perform actions on each blockchain
  • Function: Interoperability, pay for fees, replace coins on native chains
  • Network: Native/Several
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake (BABE & GRANDPA)
  • Uniqueness: Allows several networks to work together through the Pokadot parachain
  • Pros: High TPS, wide use case, high security
  • Cons: Wrapped coins solve this, the staking can be done on each native chain, high inflation

12. Dogecoin76d4440a58292e0524cd21208ac4a55237cfaba3126226afb80cbd3fb0991d5f.png

  • Summary: Oldest memecoin, was made for supporting altcoins and for the laughs
  • Function: Payment & memes
  • Network: Native & BEP-20
  • Protocol: Proof-of-work (Scrypt)
  • Uniqueness: The first and highest valued by marketcap memecoin
  • Pros: Has strong support
  • Cons: Memecoin, no real use case


  • Summary: A meme coin aimed at being the Dogecoin killer
  • Function: Meme, DEX
  • Network: ERC-20 (Ethereum)
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: It is the second largest memecoin and have had a infamouse bullrun in may
  • Pros: A bit more famous than most meme coins, team is actively developing it
  • Cons: No real use case, memecoin, sibling tokens stealing the thunder

14. Binance USD9258c433876392340ab8c8ee7a5b5f2af8138de09cf930ec3c04de6a01725acf.png

  • Summary: A coin pegged to the USD backed by Binance and Paxos
  • Function: Trades and transactions
  • Network: ERC-20 (ETH) + BEP-20 (Binance coin)
  • Protocol: None
  • Uniqueness: A stablecoin backed by Binance and exists on two blockchains
  • Pros: Backed by Binance, is available on two networks.
  • Cons: Centralized

15. Polygon92b44934ce0c12dd0ffd2ed1426a81969e63e68da13e137de68e1a6cfeb54c86.png

  • Summary: Built on ERC-20 to promote network growth and smart contracts with wider use cases
  • Function: Smart contracts, staking
  • Network: Native & ERC-20 (ETH)
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake 
  • Uniqueness: Layer 2 solution that helps developers familiar with ERC-20 make Dapps cheaper
  • Pros: Low transaction cost
  • Cons: Its competition, ETH2.0 could remove its use

16. coin3d01669bf7ed2d8e932b4d71a1fd4542b20e161591e8c396a5aab08d67ad953d.png

  • Summary: The native coin to the exchange ecosystem
  • Function: Fees, rewards, staking
  • Network: Native & ERC-20
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: Can be used for several good earn programs and trading fees
  • Pros: Many use cases, flexible
  • Cons: Bad history, lack of focus

17. Wrapped Bitcoin2321853e5577c07ead56589f86ddd16ed5e4b2192a9cea627f7ae723591ee84d.png

  • Summary: A coin that is pegged to Bitcoin's value, or "wrapped" around the coin
  • Function: Store of value, transfer of funds, usage on the Ethereum network
  • Network: ERC-20 (Ethereum)
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Work
  • Uniqueness: Bitcoin but functioning on top of Ethereum
  • Pros: Bitcoin on a smart contract blockchain
  • Cons: Centralized

18. TerraUSD408cfea15eb2b44e4c2f197f9297aebc84d1f62ce2e3230fa66f0b02f0a2ad52.png

  • Summary: Stablecoin hosted by Terra that tackles the scalability issue faced by decentralized stablecoins
  • Function: Stablecoins, trades, yield earning
  • Network: Terra
  • Protocol: Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (Tendermint)
  • Uniqueness: Largest stablecoin without scalability issues that isn't centralized
  • Pros: Its ecosystem has several stablecoins, interoperability, low scalability issues, earn interest
  • Cons: Value fluctuates, not backed by a real world asset

19. Daia0ed329b8cd852688196ea87f4496585aeb0047c57b1fadbfc87f7bb8b9cada6.png

  • Summary: Part in the MakerDAO ecosystem, a fully crypto backed stablecoin
  • Function: Stablecoin, trading
  • Network: ERC-20
  • Protocol: Maker
  • Uniqueness: The first and largest fully decentralized stablecoin with verified 1:1 backing
  • Pros: Decentralized, verified, 
  • Cons: Price can be affected with a significant market crash

20. Litecoin3225172adc122cc7f8f09fbcc94757061330651a485f17091f41726767f7ea3f.png

  • Summary: A fork of bitcoin, aiming to perform faster transactions
  • Function: Transactions, storage of value
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Work (Scrypt)
  • Uniqueness: It's a quicker version of Bitcoin allowing easier use
  • Pros: Can be cross-mined with DOGE, 
  • Cons: Small use case, being outperformed by coins with more use cases, same scaling issues as Bitcoin

21. Cosmosffe797192651df1fdec1d7bd7d652558c9847f6037664fb5fd1fd9e5e4d8d227.png

  • Summary: Is a network meant to bridge several different blockchains to allow them to work together
  • Function: Smart contracts, staking, rewards
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake (Tendermint)
  • Uniqueness: Has strong competition but unlike its competitors this blockchain is already live
  • Pros: No need for external interopbility layer, 
  • Cons: Susceptible to attacks

22. Chainlink5f15add0e67e7123d99843043dec375aa6e284ec6ac334e904aa27501def1d1a.png

  • Summary: A collection of different data providers that help verify accurate data on the web
  • Function: Data oracle, rewards for data providers
  • Network: ERC-677 (Ethereum)
  • Protocol: Chainlink
  • Uniqueness: Has a reputation system and rewards data providers to have a vast network of reliable data
  • Pros: Decentralized, strong partnership with SWIFT, reliable data, migrating to be on several networks
  • Cons: Has had weird practices in the past, its central protocols is not automated with smart contracts

23. Near Protocol56882facd04bd151011c4dece00cd71355d40f604cfe504c9f309b5f07fe3bca.png

  • Summary: Is built based on Ethereum aiming to solve and improve its smart contracts
  • Function: Transactions, staking, governance, smart contracts
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake (Nightshade)
  • Uniqueness: The network is very developer friendly and performs similarly as ETH2.0 is expected to perform.
  • Pros: Developer friendly, fee burning might counter inflation
  • Cons: 5% inflation, unorganized smart contract creation, no fees to block producers, semi-centralized governance

24. Uniswapb78caf0b7c7782c871a95b0ebe49a4f772f48b1b9099878aec478e4994821640.png

  • Summary: The largest platform for swapping ERC-20 based tokens
  • Function: Liquidity mining, swapping, governance, 
  • Network: ERC-20 (Ethereum)
  • Protocol: UNI protocol
  • Uniqueness: The largest swap token
  • Pros: No KYC, you own your keys, no lockups
  • Cons: Only useable with ERC-20 tokens, doesn't take profit, recently started to cater towards TradFi

25. UNUS SED LEOb2f4ab7b90bba9d8a6a7030dc77051befe48ab8f27fed2cfd8acb2060ce7b8f6.png

  • Summary: A coin with a unique idea to deplete itself fully, used on Bitfinex
  • Function: Fees, rewards
  • Network: ERC-20 & EOS
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: Used on the Bitfinex exchange and is uniquely designed to not exist forever
  • Pros: Highly deflationary,
  • Cons: All coins will be lost

26. Tron6de001279f8561ebcd5da21d426f25f0f554b5f665638e84b33876a079c56c52.png

  • Summary: A network built to allow content creators to reach consumers without a middleman
  • Function: Staking, smart contracts
  • Network: Native [initially ERC-20]
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: One of the first ecosystems aiming to fix issues in the content creator industry
  • Pros: Has a headstart in its market, no fees, high TPS, rapid transactions
  • Cons: Initial whitepaper, questionable dev team, semi-centralized

27. Algorande1cb92d5abf3037443dba68d2a80505ce5b9be5b6dfb40f2b47023768777cb39.png

  • Summary: A smart contract system built to be faster and cheaper than its older brothers
  • Function: Staking, smart contracts, fast settlement, fees
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: A smart contract blockchains that is non-forkable, meaning transactions are final
  • Pros: Transparent, accurate, secure, cheap
  • Cons: Has strong competition

28. Bitcoin cash6becc3abea448b67731610708852a70c3ceb99059b2dee98da3711dc0620218a.png

  • Summary: A fork of Bitcoin meant to fix its brother's issues
  • Function: Transfer of funds, digital gold
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Work 
  • Uniqueness: An improvement on bitcoin which can host tokens with SLP
  • Pros: Planning on smart contract upgrade
  • Cons: Difficult to build on top off

29. FTX token86c55e37635444059b62fc7ac3dd4c37fc597f201ff25e87cdc65bedfa462054.png

  • Summary: The native token to a crypto derivates exchange, built by traders
  • Function: Trading, liquidity in derivaties trading, fees
  • Network: SOL
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: A coin made by experienced traders to tackle the issues within derivative trading
  • Pros: Experienced team, low fees, good for high volume traders
  • Cons: Centralized, new

30. Decentralandf6b7c6c6fa91b6a26241b5a46bdef46f2f0449f0f1bc54af9137cbfbf1fe11e7.png

  • Summary: Is a virtual sandbox where users can own and monitize plots of digital land
  • Function: Payment, NFT, rewards
  • Network: ERC-20
  • Protocol: None/Proof-of-Work
  • Uniqueness: A blockchain hosted game similar to second life with better ways for users to earn
  • Pros: Deflationary, ability to earn
  • Cons: Explotation risk, limited user interaction

31. Stellaree839df8763a293723c6b3727d4891d06fe4f151216b5e7b7b900bf8f03cecae.png

  • Summary: A coin built to be used for cheap and easy transfers
  • Function: Transactions, smart contracts, fees
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Locally managed nodes
  • Uniqueness: One of the largest coins with cheap fees solely meant for transfers
  • Pros: Widely used, cheap fees, 
  • Cons: Centralized, permissioned, "fork of ripple" drama

32. Fantom55fe92b8de0d1af2a4902c0b6b43202f3907b49bd4539574b98bf650be5b7bbe.png

  • Summary: A smart contract blockchain which is built on BPoS and offers great speeds
  • Function: Smart contract, payment, staking
  • Network: Native (+ERC-20 & BEP-20)
  • Protocol: Lachesis protocol (DAG/aBFT)
  • Uniqueness: Has a scratch built unique consensus protocol which is fast and safe
  • Pros: Fast consensus protocol, good team 
  • Cons: Outsources their wallet development, centralized validators

33. The Sandbox4a42bef5c82065d3f50d2bb5fe128a32cc30b4f3068100451a7bd4ec26a80cf7.png

  • Summary: Allows user to submit content and play with friends in a metaverse
  • Function: Staking, fees, rewards
  • Network: ERC-20
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: Allows users to earn and create gaming experiences
  • Pros: Strong partnerships, decentralized
  • Cons: Slim use case, targets developers mainly

34. Internet Computerce49c1f0b7dc5863f73c4423b606298fd367fbe32ee3696739ba1b72d807bb4d.png

  • Summary: It's a smart contract provider aiming at performing contracts at near web speeds
  • Function: Governance, store of value, rewards
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Queries and calls
  • Uniqueness: Aims to solve the speed issue that other blockchains are having trouble with
  • Pros: High speeds, deflationary, easily accessible
  • Cons: Not decentralized, fairly untested, low adoption, rocky launch

35. Bitcoin BEP2acdcfe2a02d97076e37848eaa9d2dd4a61273a087e13ec4864330a12575929d3.png

  • Summary: A bitcoin on the Binance smart chain which is pegged 1:1 to bitcoins price
  • Function: Store of value, digital gold
  • Network: BEP-20
  • Protocol: Proof-of-work
  • Uniqueness: A bitcoin that is 100% backed and availble on the Binance smart chain
  • Pros: Bitcoin on Binance smartchain
  • Cons: Doesn't serve much function

36. Hedera Hashgraphfe6cdbde6f3cb9fef633c96696240bc2568de6133d4c840971909ca9293162d5.png

  • Summary: Heder uses hashgraph to offer smart contracts and work around the scalability issue
  • Function: Fees, smart contracts, file storage, staking
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake (aBFT)
  • Uniqueness: Uses a hashgraph instead of a blockchain which avoids most issues blockchains faces today
  • Pros: It's fast, low fees, low/none scalability issues, ABFT
  • Cons: Hashgraph is patented, not permissionless

37. Ethereum classicf8a590615ba750a27e905a047173734c8b0c58848566adfc54d4b4bfa2d431de.png

  • Summary: A fork of Ethereum which didn't reverse the effect of a DAO hack and aims to stay true to the original idea 
  • Function: Pay for fees, rewards, transfer funds, smart contracts
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Work (ETHash)
  • Uniqueness: Stays true to Ethereums original idea and doesn't plan to turn into for-profit
  • Pros: Staying a PoW, less adopted and easier use 
  • Cons: Staying a PoW, been 51% hacked

38. Vechain43c44f33d06a22a1925d7ae202e08307e59dec2e08d01f340ba1ddf7e542d1d3.png

  • Summary: A smart contract coin aimed to improve supply chains in several industries
  • Function: Supply chain tracking and security
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: Aims to fix issues that have remained unchanged in the supply chain industry
  • Pros: Unique use case, duo token allowing investors/users to invest accordingly
  • Cons: Relies on humans to input data, can be replaced with a cheaper real world equivalent

39. Tezos47b00f91c43d939ed227802ff6bb94cef9b5e99891e1e4a725622af673e76371.png

  • Summary: Aims to upgrade and bring a better version of earlier smart contract blockchains
  • Function: Smart contracts, staking, rewards
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Liquidated-Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: The chain provides advanced smart contract solutions and a unforkable blockchain
  • Pros: Popular investors & partners, hard to fork, high security
  • Cons: New, partly decentralized, potentially high network fees

40.Axie infinity86f33f9a0f948b4674c97dea271a78687f54cd906c72c6db0b7762598bdf0783.png

  • Summary: A game inspired by Pokemon where users can battle with their NFT animals
  • Function: Stake, minting NFTs, governance
  • Network: ERC-20
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: The largest crypto game on the market
  • Pros: Clear use case, fun reward system
  • Cons: Requires users to be active to claim rewards, developers make questionble design changes

41. Filecoin91240703bd6705edd410341f858e6ee3782adc65dbe9547f67bfe1d17201134c.png

  • Summary: A ecosystem that aims to bring fully trustless decentralized storage to the world
  • Function: Decentralized storage, 
  • Network: InterPlanetary File System (Native)
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Space & Proof-of-Replication 
  • Uniqueness: First decentralized storage systems
  • Pros: Trustless storage
  • Cons: Large set of mining power was located in China, large amount of token competitors

42. Elrond8c6a667dc8e815f07c6ed55184d66bb876d0db26143fa59c5a4d7187d5ed37c6.png

  • Summary: Aims to become "a new internet" and provides many tools and high scalability
  • Function: Rewards, fees, staking, smart contract
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Secure-Proof-of-Stake (SPoS)
  • Uniqueness: Works in different shards that allow for high TPS & offers good developer tools
  • Pros: Good for developers, good scalability, low fees
  • Cons: Alot of competitors, high initial inflation

43. Thetabd74a496935968a49356b37bec08c3863450234060228e83efb0cbe3bd791d57.png

  • Summary: Is powering a decentralized video streaming service
  • Function: Video streaming, smart contracts
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake (BFT)
  • Uniqueness: Targets video streaming services
  • Pros: Many partnerships, powered by users
  • Cons: Bad incentive, reliant on miners & rewards

44. Helium49ea0b5132d871b994e37f74e8a372306457ff6793ad457875495b8cd0319e3d.png

  • Summary: A network that allows different devices to connect to hotspots and get bandwidth
  • Function: Fees, rewards
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Coverage
  • Uniqueness: Attempts to give universal internet coverage
  • Pros: Earn by offering bandwidth, clear use case
  • Cons: Potential risk as hacking points, traditional company competition

45. Moneroaeb35390525c9a2ff55b35bceabd869925940837d658ac837fd1603db2c1455f.png

  • Summary: A coin that allows the use of fully untraceable anonymous transactions
  • Function: Anonymous, transactions
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Work (RandomX)
  • Uniqueness: Fully anonymous cash, making it completely untraceable
  • Pros: Decentralized, anonymous
  • Cons: Had issues with ASIC mining, unable to migrate to PoS, high amount of illegal activity

46. Klaytn08a743ee13edbebe38b47c742fa387d931f7f4c27db6c68521dea685e89b3d5e.png

  • Summary: Creates a hybrid between public and private blockchains, creating the best of both worlds
  • Function: Smart contracts, 
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-stake
  • Uniqueness: Has easier barrier to entry and works as a hybrid blockchain
  • Pros: Easy to use, strong founding company
  • Cons: Bad communication, strong competition

47. IOTA0b53847e742884cbfbc563109bb99cacbc75fbb1bca892a1dbf68982e68778a0.png

  • Summary: A blockchainless blockchain that is meant to revolutionize the web
  • Function: Transactions, scalability, smart contracts
  • Network: TANGLE (Native)
  • Protocol: Fast-Probabilistic-Consensus (FPC)
  • Uniqueness: The chain requires at least two other nodes to verify transactions and more users means more nodes
  • Pros: No fees, insanely good scalability
  • Cons: Easier to attack, semi-centralized, new

48. Eos20aa97f93b13e2de6de053d1d96a51ef8746a758973515f93b3f6e905c98f716.png

  • Summary: Provides a higher scaleble smart contract ecosystem with focus on user friendliness
  • Function: Smart contracts, 
  • Network: Native
  • Protocol: Proof-of-Stake
  • Uniqueness: More akin to a computer OS, this blockchain can be used by many, both in power & skill
  • Pros: Easy to use, parallel processing, low fees
  • Cons: Partly centralized, parent company's history

49. Gala830cd5af635c590fef126af7b06bd0fac31ce16a2d89138821ef76a0c2fd0c66.png

  • Summary: Gives players power to fully own assets in games they play
  • Function: Governance, NFTs, rewards
  • Network: ERC-20 & BSC-20
  • Protocol: Triple: PoW, PoS & Proof-of-Storage
  • Uniqueness: Hosts several games where players can own their assets
  • Pros: Supports multiple games, experienced team
  • Cons: Limited use case, competition

50. Harmony9cb769e29837df5eebebd49a0fe5163c79a0fd43b8269702004bfdc5eac4a9e3.png

  • Summary: A cross-chain blockchain that uses a unique consensus protocol for great speeds
  • Function: Staking, governance, smart contracts
  • Network: Native (formerly ERC-20 & BEP-20)
  • Protocol: Effective-Proof-of-Stake (EPoS)
  • Uniqueness: It's protocol is unqiue and it's been constantly upgrading
  • Pros: Efficient sharding mechanism, good roadmap
  • Cons: Weak price growth history, semi-decentralized

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