Eulogies Trail Eterbase – Europe’s Pioneer Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange

By Gato1 | coinreviews | 7 Jun 2019

With the wide range of digital asset trading platforms that are available, you may be wondering about the need to have more of such in the crypto-sphere. The fact is that the numbers aren’t a signal that all is well with cryptocurrency trading platforms. Many of them avoid regulations and end up crashing like a pack of cards when the going gets tough. That and many other threatening factors are the ideas behind the evolution of a promising digital asset trading platform called, “Eterbase”.

Why should I use Eterbase?

Aside from being a regulation-complaint cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, Eterbase is passionate about solving recurring issues in traditional exchange. Some of these are:

  • Architectural constraints that restrict the growth and implementations of viable changes in an exchange
  • Many crypto exchanges find it difficult to handle many transactions, especially in crucial periods like panic buying and selling. Hence, they tend to experience multiple downtimes in such scenarios.

Flexibility and Robustness as Solutions

Given the continuous lags and unexpected shutdown of cryptocurrency exchange anytime orders become much than they could handle, analysts believe that the solution is to implement a flexible and robust architecture to handle such order magnitudes. These proposed solutions are premised on Eterbase, thereby, making it a viable platform for crypto traders.

190903265-00d420a6f8886ce769f9841f1f7dc8c50a3d64ecd65bd72c53055d1c79c6d3ff.jpegEterbase is Scalable

One of the highpoints of this exchange is its support for multiple nodes, which help the main and side chains to process transactions at a fast pace. In the end, the platform has the capacity of fostering 15 million orders on a node and 20 million when transacting with two nodes.

Conditioned for Developments

It’s worth mentioning that Eterbase doesn’t want to fall into the same problems that hold down many crypto exchanges. Hence, it chose to use an architecture that is open to changes. This way, it wouldn’t be a herculean task when upgrading the network for better functionalities.

Connectivity between Crypto and the EU Banked

There’s no gainsaying the fact that the time is ripe for a seamless connection between the digital and physical worlds of finance. While it seems that cryptocurrencies and fiat bank notes are at loggerheads, Eterbase opted for a medium that would unite the warring parties.

The idea is to open a fiat gateway that allows its users to issue and receive fiat payments directly from and to their bank accounts. Now, it looks at supporting fiat payments using USD, EUR, and CHF as a means of connecting the banked in the European Union (EU) countries to its decentralized trading platform.

Debit Cards

Sequel to the fiat trading pairs, Eterbase is also working towards the integration of prepaid and debit cards for its users. When successful, users could then be able to hold and spend their crypto balances using the cards at designated ATM/POS terminals.

Low Latency

In furtherance of its bid to maintain scalability, Eterbase formulated working architectures that prevent the network from experiencing downtime even in the midst of heavy loads. This is tenable by using a built-in memory for most of its transactions and using an open-source messaging solution to boost orders, even in the midst of higher loads.


190903265-07cb8b1c2b72cb6f7ecc141ae2befbbbf8b13ab33e3652d53422ff45009a5c1a.jpegDistribution of Tokens

190903265-63204a81aade5309da92b9dc58f298ff039af9b8209c0b85541848240fe9b866.jpegToken Information

Token Name: ETERBASE Coin

Ticker: XBASE

Platform: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC223

Token Supply: 1 billion

Role of Token: Utility

Trade on Eterbase

Undisputedly, Eterbase has feasible properties that have the capacity to boost its operations. Hence, it’s profitable to make use of its robust architecture when trading on cryptocurrencies.

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