Top 7 paying crypto faucets of coinpot (for begginers in cryptoworld)

Welcome to my blog about  paying websites reviews. On my first article, i discussed about COINPOT Features and its use. You can check it out here: Coinpot and its features


For the beginners who are looking for a site to earn some free digital coins; I recommend you to "try" this coinpot and its faucets . However, let me also remind you that there is no permanent best or better websites you can use forever that will give you perfect expectation. Always bear in mind, when using free  earning websites there are always be a good pros and bad cons depends on a particular situation. Do more research or let yourself discover how certain sites works. "Do it at your own risk".
WHAT IS FAUCETS? Way back ago i was thinking a faucet such for plumbing but nope! it has another term which means--- in my own term little coin droplets. It is a site that gives free bits of cryptocurrency for certain tasks to do. 
Here are the list of 7 faucets that support coinpot to earn free  small bits of  BTC and cryptocurrency without money investment. ( Do not fall to any advertisements in each sites)




2. Moondash

3. MoonBCH 

4. Moonlite 

5.  Moonbit

You can claim here every five minutes by solving captchas. If you want to notify then just check notification box into its settings.   

  • REFFERAL BONUS- you will recieve a massive 25% - 50%,  lifetime commission instantly to your CoinPot  for every referral claims. Additionally, for each active referral that you have, you will get a bonus 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) added on to every claim that you make from the faucet.
  • LOYALTY BONUS - For each day’s claim, you get an additional 1% up to 100% for daily claim in your wallet.  IF you dont want your bonus turns to 1% then better to collect coins once every day. 
  • MYSTERY BONUS- This bonus can turn up at random at the bottom of the page which you can turn into a coin.  ( It does not apply to bitfun and bonus bitcoin) 

6.  Bitfun


 Earnings here are instantly and directly transferred to your CoinPot account. You can claim minimum 0f 3 to 15  satoshi every 5 minutes. It has an online games and complete offers for extra earnings ( You can play games if you want to gamble your coins to other user's earnings. I never tried to since im not lucky to win this type of games and always end up of losing crypto coins) But wait there  still another way to increase claim rewards is by getting an affiliate to your referral link. You can have 50% of every active referral claims. Even you sit all day and done nothing , you can still have earnings.


7. BonusBitcoin 

You can claim here every 15 minutes of 1 up to 3 satoshi depending on the average claim rate of USD vs. BTC and their advertisement income. Just like other faucets, BonusBitcoin has bonus of 50% commission on every active referral claim which are instantly getting paid direct to coinpot wallet.










Note: For CoinPot and CoinPot faucets to work, your browser’s ad-blocker needs to be turned off.


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Im an explorer of crypto earning websites and apps. " Invest what you can afford to lose" "There is nothing permanent in this world even the website that used to be a legit can be a scam" im also going to blog about ways on how to earn money online

Paying Websites tutorial and reviews for beginner
Paying Websites tutorial and reviews for beginner

Way back year 2018 when my friend introduced me about cryptocurrency along with the micro wallet that holds cryptocurrencies. I was eager to learn digital money because its new to me knowing my friend getting its benefit I fell into curiosity on how these freaking sites works and can I really get free money from it? ( Risky to trust your money into any websites, Make sure you invest what you can afford to lose)

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