Coinpot Microwallet Features ( for beginners in CryptoWorld)

As a beginner and unfamiliarity of terms used in cryptocurrencies, i started my own research in internet. I tried my friend's suggestion to  sign up to this website since i dont have to money to invest or buy crypto , through this i can still able to collect digital coins for free. I found out that there are tons of websites which offer rewards of Free cryptocurrency by watching ads, videos and doing some other easy tasks. Until reading about crypto news became my hobby and little by little i learned on how to transfer my fund to coinpot from my and vice versa. Coinpot is still the best microwallet  for me in collecting digital coins aside from coinbase. Its actually on my daily routine to collect a a few bits of currency.  Another thing i love about this microwallet is their conversion system. We can convert coins completely into another coins without fee.

  1. DASHBOARD- You can view here every details, earnings and transactions you did on partnered faucets.

    It supports 5 digital currency such as : BItcoin core ( BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash. Coinpot gives tokens reward for every claim and visits you do to from faucet sites.                      36376018a4014469022792c813fccfcf349a3d616bbd4e8d75571a1386b7d7fc.png

  • Convert tokens- just simply convert this tokens to any currency you prefer. It doesnt require you any additional fees and this will instantly credited to your preferred currency.
  • Mine Tokens- mining is another ways to earn passive tokens using the site itself. They are recommend to turn off anti-viru or adblock for software extensions on device to prevent low earning rates upon mining. Run your miner for atleast 5 minutes to take effect credits on your coinpot. ( dont let you device not fully charge before mining as its reduce cpu usage and source for low performance)
  • Play Loterry and Multiplier- if you want to risk your tokens then you can also try this option, however once in a blue moon to get chance of winning and its part of gambling ( I do not suggest to use this)
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    Very spectacular idea to input this option summary in CRYPTOCURRENCY COINS
  • Deposit - They have minimun amount to credit on your wallet: 0.001 btc, o.o1 bch, 1000 doge,
  • Withdraw- upon reaching the minimum amount , you can request payout to your desired wallet. ( I am currently using for withdrawal address).
  • Convert- this actually convenient for me because i used to convert other currencies to one currency which is BCH. ( BCH has minimum widrawal amount.)
  • Mine- Same features on earning extra coins through mining but i dont recommend it if you dont have strong device that can hold CPU power usage.
  • Payout transactions- this option showing transparency of all transacted payout.


2.  NEWS UPDATE- On the column below the Dashboard , you will see News to read important updates and information about the website and its         partnered faucets.


    3. LOTERY AND MULTIPLIER- below the news are games section 9 if you want to increase your tokens, Play at your own risk since chances of winning is probably 0%. I tried to play this many times until i get tired of hoping to get lucky on this game.


    4.CHALLENGES- After game section, there is also challeges that motivates the users to do daily visit on faucet sites. There is a leaderboard section which let you view your monthly rank and other users. List of progress also included in this selection.


    5. STATISTICS- This is the report page of coinpot for transparency information. It shows the total activity of all users. 


Wonder how COINPOT are getting some token funds?  Ofcourse you have to give efforts on collecting coins to partnered faucets and all transactions are instantly credited to your coinpot.

These are the following (7) small network of high-paying faucets:



You can visit each of these websites multiple times per day plus they have some features to get extra bonus. ( It varies in different faucet terms and conditions for bonuses which i will discuss  on part 2 of this article)


I do accept recommendation for my article. I am new to publishOx and im not a good writer. just want to share what  basic knowledge i learned from the used of free earning sites/ website. Thanks for your time! Have a blessed Day! :) 

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Im an explorer of crypto earning websites and apps. " Invest what you can afford to lose" "There is nothing permanent in this world even the website that used to be a legit can be a scam" im also going to blog about ways on how to earn money online

Paying Websites tutorial and reviews for beginner
Paying Websites tutorial and reviews for beginner

Way back year 2018 when my friend introduced me about cryptocurrency along with the micro wallet that holds cryptocurrencies. I was eager to learn digital money because its new to me knowing my friend getting its benefit I fell into curiosity on how these freaking sites works and can I really get free money from it? ( Risky to trust your money into any websites, Make sure you invest what you can afford to lose)

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