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Two Ways to earn More BAT TOKEN during this Lockdown

Two Ways to Earn More BAT Token during this Lockdown

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 16 Apr 2020



We are fighting with an invisible enemy called Covid_19 or Corona  👹 and we can beat it only by staying at our Home 🏠. 


So I come with great news for You. Yes, for You coinlovers and the Good News is You can earn Some Cryptocurrency from Your smartphone as well as Your laptop 💻.


You have some questions like How and which Cryptocurrency will You earn 💲?


So don't worry I will clear it so that Everyone will understand it does not matter you're a Coinlover or not but you can earn 💲.


I am talking about one of my favorite cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token) 

In simple words, BAT is a token issued by Brave 🦁 Browser to save Your privacy and security 🔐.


Read this Post:- Switch To Brave 🦁


 Hope you understand What is Bat Token so let's see how we can earn from our home 🏡?


The First Step You should Download Brave Browser use this Link and enable Privacy respected ads.


Brave is a popular web browser that is available for Android and iPhone as well as laptops 💻. So download it now and don't forget to read why I switch myself from Google Chrome to Brave 🦁 and You Too!



And your earning will start…..


But we need to increase it….. by doing our second task😊.


And the second task is You need to create an account on Publish0X 


I will share a short detail of publish0x For those who don't know what is Publish0x?

And why should you create an account there?


So understand Publish0x is a crypto Blogging platform like Steemit but here you can earn money by publishing your work as well as reading them. Publish0x has not it's own crypto token like steer it. They have four tokens at the time of writing this article and BAT (Basic Attention Token ) one of them and these tokens are available on Publish0x for Promotion. 


You have two ✌️ options to earn on publish0x first you need to apply to be an author and start publishing your content there and your reader has power to Tip you but they can't choose the token.


Create an on Publish0x

And second is you need to read other author's work and tip them with your love minimum 20:80 or Maximum 100:00 ratio. If you tip anyone with a 50:50 ratio then 50% of the tip amount goes to the author and 50% to your account.




I hope you have understood Publish0x and I will come with a review soon. So stay connected with Us


Stay Home 🏡 Stay Safe 😇 Happy Earning 🤩


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