Publish0xTutorials! How to Setup Publish0x Blog on other platform through widget in Blogger or Blogspot (with practical)
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Publish0xTutorials! How to Setup Publish0x Blog on other platform through widget in Blogger or Blogspot (with practical)

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 9 Feb 2020

Last year we have launched the Blog CoinMantra and try to share  information related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and we are doing well


After some time we have planned to expand our audience, so we have started sharing our content on other platforms like Medium, Steemit and Publish0x


We have started a new series of articles on Publish0x, where we are sharing the journey of CoinMantra also some tricks related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Not a Publish0x account create one from here


Today I have connected our blog to Publish0X by using their plugin on our main Blog


Not understand, just check it by using this link


So We have added Publish0x on our Blog But How?


If you're a newbie on Publish0x and want to add your blog on your website that will help you to get more traffic on your Publish0X Blog.


When I talk about more traffic that means you will get more engagement so your money earning possibility will  also increase 😉


Before I start the tutorial  I assume that you have these ✌️ things First an account on Publish0X and your own blog with your domain ( where you will add this widget )

If you have not then I have solution use Blogger to create a free blog or any other platforms where you can put some JavaScript codes like Wordpress


Use this link to create an account on

In this article, we are using Blogger so let's start


Open Your Publish0x account in Brave Browser and login with your username and password 🔒


Click on three lines button (beside of notification 🔔button) 


And select Ambassador program How to connect your blog with blogger or Blogspot


Click on website widget


Now you need to set up widget appearance

(The good thing about this widget is you can choose any publish0x blog it's no matter if it's your or not.)

By selecting desired functions


Now copy the codes and now open your blogging platform where you want to add this Widget.


I am using blogger aka blogspost for this tricks and I have  ✌️different places and also ✌️different ways to put this website widget 


Don't worry, we are going to share both methods 


First on a separate page 

You just need to open Blogspot dashboard click on pages and click on create a new page 

Click on Html 

Select all codes and paste the code(that copied from publish0X ) and click on save 💾 


Second method through Plugin


Go to Layout and choose the desired place where you want to widget appears 

Choose Html from the list of gadgets

Copy the code and save it 


And yup the work is done 😌 


I hope you will find this article helpful and you have learnt something. 


Now it's your turn share it with your friends and family members
Till then Ta Ta 🤗


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